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Release Panda Qi Yuan, Qi Guo and Yuan Man from Wild Training

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I leave this Petition open because Qi Yuan, Qi Guo and Yuan Man are still at Panda Valley. Although in the previous update a PhD from Chengdu Panda Base stated they will not be released into the wild but there is no official statement from Chengdu Panda Base regarding the situation of these 3 lovely pandas. Once they are confirmed safe I will close this Petition.

The purpose of this petition is hope to set free 3 giant pandas Qi Yuan, Qi Guo (Qi Yi's mother and twin sister) and Yuan Man of Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda (Xiongmao Jidi/Panda Base) who have been quietly sent to Panda Valley (wild training centre) mid October according to posts in Weibo.

Qi Yuan was born in 1999 and is currently 18 years old (human age 70) while Qi Guo and Yuan Man born in 2016 and are currently 1 year+ (human age 4).

These 3 pandas have been raised by human since their birth. They are very close to human and are being fed by human all the time. They rely heavily on the human in their daily life. They would have lost the ability to survive in the wild. By sending them for wild training with the intention to release them into the wild at this age is unreasonable and totally unacceptable.

Numerous calls made and messages sent to the Panda Base for clarification but they keep silent on the matter.

Visitors to the wild training centre had taken photos and videos showing Qi Yuan Qi Guo and Yuan Man are confirmed currently being kept at the wild training centre.

The pandas under wild training by Panda Base are trained by human for the preparation to return to the wild, which received massive criticisms.

Please do watch the video posted in the update below a get a clearer understanding.

Earlier 2 captive-bred pandas had been released to the wild by the Panda Base. He Sheng was killed by unknown animal 2 months after being released to the wild. Another panda Qian Qian is not traceable till today. More info can be found on internet.

Hope everyone understands that it is not objecting to set the pandas free to the wild, as panda should go back to the nature ultimately. The reason for this petition is that it is unreasonable and unacceptable to send these 3 pandas who have been raised by human for so many years and rely heavily on the human to a sudden wild training. 

Anyone who would like to write to the relevant departments directly on this matter please refer to email addresses below:

State Forestry:

Chengdu City Forestry

Chengdu Base:

Sichuan Province Forestry:

Lastly, apology for my poor English. I just hope these 3 pandas can return home safely. Thank you.

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