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Mr. Sushil Roy, son of Late Sukhendu Bhushan Roy, resident of c/o Dr. Shyamal C. Roy, North Dhalua, Garia, P.S. Sonarpur, Kolkata – 700152, West Bengal, at present lodged in prison; Giridih Mandal Kara, District Giridih, Jharkhand is an ailing senior citizen of India aged 75 years 8 months, he has entered his eighth year of incarceration ever since his arrest in the last week of May, 2005. He is both old and extremely weak; virtually in a crippled condition due to several ailments as of now. It was during this period of incarceration that he experienced a sharp deterioration in his health and overall physical condition. He lost vision in his left eye following a cataract operation, and the other eye was also damaged owing to recurring internal hemorrhage caused by high blood pressure. He has thus been pushed to the edge of the abyss of total blindness during his years in prison. A fall that he had in the toilet of Chaibasa Mandal Kara, where he was lodged earlier, had led to a fracture in the hip joint, after which a steel rod was inserted in place of the broken bone, due to which he still has difficulty in movement, as also in lying down or sitting on the floor or even standing for a while. He can walk around only with the aid of a tripod stick, and cannot attend to nature’s call unless a commode is arranged. He also suffers from an enlargement of the prostrate and from piles, which, due to the usual lack of regular care and attendance characteristic of prisons, often causes the passage of blood along with urine, and swelling and intense pain in the rectal region while passing stools. Apart from these ailments and from high blood pressure, he also suffers from diabetes, cervical spondylitis, and a form of heart disease related to ischemia, accompanied with hypertension. He had been transferred to Rajendra Institute of Medical Science during the last week of August 2012 from Giridih Mandal Kara (Prison), after that on 12th of September he again referred to All India Medical Science; New Delhi, currently where he is getting his treatment. 

Letter to
President of India Mr Pranab Mukherji
Secretary to the President Smt. Omita Paul
Member, NHRC Mr. Satyabrata Pal
and 3 others
Chief Minister West Bengal Ms Mamata Bannerji
Chief Secretary Gov of WB Cheife secretary
Chiarperson NHRC Hon'ble Justice Shri K.G. Balakrishnan
I've just signed the following petition addressed to: President of India.

Release of the terminally ill 75 yrs old on humanitarian ground.

Subject: Appeal for release of the terminally ill 75 yr old Mr. Sushil Roy imprisoned at Giridih Mandal Kara, Jharkhand and prisoner on humanitarian ground

Respected Sir,

I am deeply concerned by plight of an accused, Mr. Sushil Roy, who is at the same time, a victim of police vendetta and abuse of law. The information collected by us is given below for your appropriate intervention for his release to avoid his custodial death.

The Apex Court recently released 80 years old and ailing Pakistani virologist, Dr Khalil Chishty, on humanitarian grounds and on many other occasions, we’ve seen our wise Judiciary to come out with firm indictments to save the life of our citizens. Mr. Sushil Roy wrote in a letter to the West Bengal Ex. Chief Minister that the police officer had told him “You are not telling anything, only stories. I will frame you in such a case that you have to be in jail for the rest of your life and you will die in jail.”

We, therefore, put before you our earnest prayer to save the life of Mr. Sushil Roy who has no one but his only younger brother, Dr Shyamal C. Roy, resident of Kolkata, to look after him.

1. Name of the accused: Sushil Roy (75 yrs), an alleged Maoist. Imprisoned for more than 7 years now at Giridih Mandal Kara District Giridih, Jharkhand (for last 8 months)

2. Address : s/o Late Sukhendu Bhushan Roy
r/o: c/o Dr. Shyamal C. Roy,North Dhalua, Garia, P.S. Sonarpur, Kolkata – 700152.West Bengal.

3. Date of arrest : 21st May, 2005 and produced in CJM Court at Midnapore, West Bengal on May 23, 2005.

4. Nature of arrest : Political and not in accordance with the Supreme Court Guidelines as set in the D.K. Basu Order and Judgment.

5. Imprisonment : Nearly 87 months.

6. Implications : In 12 cases:

(a) 4 Cases in West Bengal (granted bail in three and conviction in one by a fast-track court on March 17, 2006; but, later granted bail by Kolkata HC on October 06, 2006),

(b) Thereafter, implicated in another 6 Cases in West Singhbhum, Jharkhand (bails granted in five and acquittal in one).

(c) Further detained for a year from August, 2010 under the NSA and on 17th of August, 2011, two more cases were invoked against him again in Jharkhand (granted bail in one by the Hon’ble HC at Ranchi on July 29, 2012 and appeal for bail (since bail rejection by District and Sessions’ Court at Giridih) in appropriate HC is pending for fear of re-arrest in unknown cases.

7. Health Conditions : Sinking to total blindness with fractured Hip-joint, severe Prostrate enlargement (supposedly non-benign and often urinating blood), excruciating Piles, high BP, Diabetes, Cervical Spondylitis, and Ischemia.

8. Medical care : He is a victim of serious and deliberate medical negligence on the part of custodial authorities.

I earnestly hope that you will please consider his case and recommend the release of the terminally ill 75 yrs old person who already spent more than 7 years in prison on humanitarian ground.