Release of prisoner in VA. Who are now eligible for parole due to the fishback law

Release of prisoner in VA. Who are now eligible for parole due to the fishback law

March 6, 2022
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Started by Yolanda Hillmon

We live in a country that's religiously dominated by the cry for forgiveness. At least once every week 85% of the country's population fills the Churches, Senegal's, and Mass praying for all things, most of all, forgiveness. America was colonized by descendants of England whom were seeking forgiveness and a second chance at a different life from that which they once knew. Criminals and vagabonds all seeking forgiveness and a second chance. 


Hundreds of years later the American general public act as if no man is capable of change. Twenty, thirty ,and forty years of incarceration and the general public and government alike still feel a need to hold against a convicted felon actions committed as adolescents ,sentencing them to century's and having served decades ,and being denied a chance at parole ,as if change is impossible. 


Well, I stand before you a changed man spoken and proved by 25 years of incarceration w/not one act of violence praying and asking for forgiveness and a second chance at freedom praying the Honorable Virginia Parole Board find favor in me and grant me parole that I may be giving a chance to be a productive citizen. 


Twenty five years ago I violated the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and was sentenced to 80 years of incarceration. As of April ,22, 2020 I became eligible for parole. I was denied parole last year September, 2021 and I will once again go up for parole June 2022. 


I was arrested in Virginia in 1997, during a time when Virginia had recently abolished parole in 1995. Once sentenced by a jury ,it was later said that the jury should had been made aware that Virginia no longer offers parole and perhaps ,this being my first time going to prison I maybe afforded a sentence that can give me (those of us) a chance a rehabilitation. Hence came the Fishback law signed into law in April, 2020. 


After 25 years of incarceration I've learn to be more responsible. To always consider consequence before I act. To always be mindful of others. To want more for my life and be willing to work twice as hard to get want it is I expect of my life. I've learned never to forsake those that not only express their love but constantly go out their way to prove that same love. I've learned not to make excuses for shortcomings and failure. I've learned that once you've know better you should always make a conscious effort to be more responsible. 


When I first came to prison I was a young man that had enough sense to know I did wrong but made excuses for my life. I used the fact I was bullied for years, teased and ridiculed for being different. I simply made excuses for my actions. But nothing excuses my actions .We all should always find different options to crime. I now consider those effected by my actions and pray for forgiveness.



The first time going up, I was unprepared and nerves. This time going up I plan to present to the Honorable Virginia Parole Board just the facts to show and prove I am a changed man from that impulsive adolescent I once was to a reliable, responsible adult that ,after 25 years of incarceration I've worked hard w/not only the help and support of my loved ones, but the available programs ,counseling and the natural desire to be a better version of myself that my parents maybe proud, always striving to maintain positive role model status. 


If granted parole I am prepared to go to work for my brother Mr. Jahkeem Abramson ,whom is a small business owner. Mr. Abramson currently own and operate two businesses. A clothing store that provides his (Mr. Abramson's) personal clothing line ,Benedetto G. Apparel LLC at 3602 falls rd.,Baltimore ,Md. 21211 .And JAH "Miracle Spa & Salon at 3604 Falls rd., Baltimore, Md. may find him at Joinjahmiracleteam @ Which I currently hold the position of "Marketing Director". 


I also plan to work part time w/my other sibling (brother) Kwasi Aska that work for "Jos. A. Banks". Mr. Aska worked at this current job for over 15 years now along w/my another sibling (brother) ,Musa Parrott, and friends Horace Reid and Delanzo Gaskins. In which I will have a ride to and from work each day. The supervisor ,a Mr. Nate, assured my brother, Mr. Aska that I can apply and will be afforded a strong opportunity for employment. I am prepared to work as hard as need be to assure I am a productive citizen. 


I plan to surround myself w/positive influences. I feel that a recently released individual not only need financial support ,but moral support more than anything. I plan to surround myself w/ppl w/positive characters. I plan to have religious ppl around me to guide me. I plan for ppl that has access to programs that may assist w/such as anger mangerment, substance abuse, coping w/stress & depression ,money management etc. 


Everyone may consider that a recently released individual may not prepared for a smooth transition back into society. But let's not consider the transition, let's consider whom her or she are not only being released to but whom he or she are surrounding themselves w/. Please consider that my mother, Sharon Aska ,my sisters Idesha Abramson- Bracewell and her husband Terrell Bracewell, Inesha Abramson ,my daughter Saleeema Parrott, my brothers Kwasi Aska, Musa Parrott, & Jahkeem Abramson. My spiritual advisor Yolanda Hillman, my fiancée Michelle Batte, long time childhood friends Delanzo Gaskins, Horace Reid ,Natasha Purcell and a host of nieces and nephews. And a slew of law abiding citizens that I will be surrounded by regardless. 


By signing this petition you are not saying your signing your name for the release of someone you may or may not know. Your saying that the person, whom is currently incarcerated ,would be released to a positive environment w/positive influences which this may increase their odds, my odds of being successful once released into the community. By signing this petition your speaking to perhaps the impact you may have on this recently released individual. That's just to consider when signing. Ask yourself ," what influence would I or could I have over or on someone recently released from prison w/a second chance at life...? Sign because you believe in humanity .Sign because you believe everyone makes mistakes in life a deserve a second chance. Sign because you have known others to be in the same situation and they needed someone to believe in them. Sign because you would want someone to believe in you if you were in this situation. Thank you for your support. SALAM PARROTT a.k.a MUSA PARROTT #1093990





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Signatures: 227Next Goal: 500
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