Release Kanakuk Victims from Their NDAs

Release Kanakuk Victims from Their NDAs

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Why this petition matters

This petition is a companion to the Hold Kanakuk Accountable petition, which invites you to join survivors of Kanakuk abuse in demanding that Kanakuk admits to known failures, releases victims from their NDAs, and invites an independent investigation. Support survivors and their pleas with your signature!

Imagine being sexually abused as a child and being forced to never speak about it with anyone. 

Several former Kanakuk Kamps staff members have been convicted of child sexual abuse — with more under suspicion — but the true scope of their collective crimes remains unknown. Victims have been silenced by non-disclosure agreements in out-of-court settlements.  

Individuals and families continue to struggle with the spiritual, physical, and psychological damages inflicted by decades of abuse in Kanakuk programs, while the non-disclosure agreements prevent victims and their families from seeking healing by connecting with other victims and sharing their stories, whether in private or in public.   

By using non-disclosure agreements to protect themselves, Kanakuk Kamps, Joe White, and all involved have deepened and prolonged the enduring trauma of victims and their loved ones. 

It is time for Kanakuk Kamps to prioritize the victims over themselves. 

It is time for Kanakuk Kamps to invite the truth to come to light.  

It is time for Kanakuk Kamps to allow victims to heal so that they can survive.  

In line with Kanakuk Kamps’ “I’m Third” principle and Christian teaching, we call on Kanakuk Kamps CEO and Board Chair Joe White, Kanakuk Ministries, and all affiliated entities to release Kanakuk Kamps abuse victims from their non-disclosure agreements and other similar clauses.   

Take action by signing this petition to urge Joe White and Kanakuk Ministries to allow victims to have a voice.

For more information on the history of sexual abuse at Kanakuk Kamps visit

26,642 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000!