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Release Jairo Hernandez Zelaya from Immigration Detention

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On June 27th 2017 Jairo Hernandez Zelaya was arrested on a misdemeanor charge with a bail of one hundred dollars. Jairo, newly naturalized to the United States after fulfilling all the criterion has been detained by Immigration Services. Bailing him out of jail will result in immediate deportation. He is only seventeen years old and being held in general population at Riverhead Detention Facility in Suffolk County. He has been interviewed by ICE without legal representation throughout the week. Pressure from gang violence on Long Island has forced a reaction from our government and the laws on immigration are changing without the general public's knowledge. We his family and friends are concerned that he is being profiled as a gang member in this new crackdown. If Immigration and the courts fail to give Jairo due process the consequences could be devastating. 

To re-iterate Jairo is a legal United States Citizen and has no gang affiliation. If Jairo is returned to El Salvador he faces treacherous circumstances. Jairo is a bright, talented, insightful, kind young person who is aspiring to be a Chef. What an amazing Chef he'll be too. His future could be gold, if we can just help him get there.  He has made the lives of those around him so much better just by being in it. We his family and friends adore him and are doing everything we can to ensure that Jairo has the full and happy life he has built and will continue to build for himself. Please show your support for Jairo Hernandez Zelaya's immediate release from unjust detainment. Thank you all!

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