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Hello Fargo Lovers and FX fans,

Having the blues or a lack thereof?

Archer, Fargo, Legion, The Strain, The Americans, and even It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, these are just a few of the many titles airing on FX. Just last month, Fargo fell victim to a growing trend in the FX/Fox home media world. It was solely given a DVD release despite the fact that the previous two seasons were released on Blu-ray. As of now Fox has no intentions of giving the season a Blu-ray release. This show has been lauded both by viewers and critics alike. It has even received the green light for a fourth season, possibly airing in 2019. Why not continue to support such a well-regarded and popular series in the Blu-ray format? Especially when there have been other debatably smaller companies releasing series  with fewer viewers onto Blu-ray, even ones that have gotten cancelled. Heck even Fox still continues to support Firefly with a new special edition last year.

And it just doesn't stop at FX. Other Fox produced shows such as The Simpsons, Family guy, New Girl, Brookyln Nine-Nine, Bob's Burgers and The Last Man on Earth have been neglected for Blu-ray releases. And although select seasons of The Simpsons have received Blu-ray treatment, its early stuff, the golden era of such a beloved series, which would benefit heavily from a re-release, has been neglected as well. Then you have series like Sleepy Hollow or Empire, where maybe the early seasons we're given Blu-ray treatment, but then the later ones only came out on DVD. 

But one of the main reasons Fargo Year 3 needs to be on Blu-ray is due to it distinct presentation. Fargo is such a visually stunning series, that it demands to be given a proper Blu-ray format. With this season in particular, they dialed down the blue color in the film which in contrast made colors such as red, orange and yellow, really stick out more. You can find out more about this at ScreenRant.

However Fargo is not the only victim of this trend. It’s a shame that the latest seasons of Archer and The Americans have been forced to a DVD release only. There are plenty of aching fans out there just waiting to purchase all of these series on Blu-ray, both to satisfy their urge for high definition and so it can fit perfectly with their set of the previous seasons.

The decision to release it physically on DVD only is likely decided by actual television ratings, as with American Horror Story: Roanoke last year, that series received a Blu-ray release, but its ratings were at least four times that of Fargo’s. Still, there are lots of fans who don’t watch shows on television likely because they don’t have cable or Dish Network. Ones who wait til the Blu-ray comes out and then watch them all in sequence that way. Such a popular season, one that helped gain Ewan McGregor a Golden Globe win, should bode well in terms of Blu-ray sells.
Your voice can make a difference, a similar circumstance happened in the case of iZOMBIE, when the second season didn’t come out to Blu-ray. Due to overwhelming demand from fans, the second season was eventually given a Blu-ray release, despite initial attempts of releasing it as DVD only. Signing the petition is not all you have to do, contact FX and Fox entertainment, let them know you’re desire for getting any of these series a Blu-ray release.
While there is the option for digital, not everyone has internet access and with net neutrality now repealed by the FCC, streaming might not be a worthwhile option in coming months or years. That's why we at the very least deserve another high definition option to fall back on. With companies like Verizon and Comcast able to slow down internet speeds and charge more to access certain websites, online streaming especially in HD could be in jeopardy. Not only could prices be raised, but internet speeds intentionally slowed down by these companies. Having a physical Blu-ray release means no buffering or worries about a good or steady internet connection. All you need is the disc and you're set.

Of course there's also the option of iTunes, but not everyone wants to take the time to download each individual episode to watch. Internet speeds vary, and they will only get worse with net neutrality gone as mentioned earlier. For serious collectors, digital is meaningless when it comes to terms of ownership and presentation. The prices are never too far apart between owning a physical versus digital copy of the show. Buying a series off iTUNES feels like a rip off. If people want to go through the trouble of downloading something, especially in a high definition format, they will gladly try to download it free from a torrent site or make their own Blu-ray copy instead. This emphasis on Digital and DVD only comes off as disrespectful to the heavy amount of Blu-ray collectors by cutting them off from a higher quality of their favorite show. It takes away that instant gratification of sticking a disc in and watching a show immediately. It leaves a lot of these fans and consumers by the wayside.
DVD will simply not do for everyone. While this petition isn’t among the most pressing matters out there, those which you should support also, it has been created to send a message to both FX and Fox to let them know that there’s still a huge amount of people who purchase Blu-rays of their favorite shows. Even Disney has been included as Decision maker due to their recent acquirement of Fox, and because they have released most of their Marvel shows in a Blu-ray format. Please speak with your wallet by not purchasing any of these series that support DVD only, hold out for your favorite format, let them know your frustration.
Thanks to everyone for all the support that this petition has received thus far

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