Release "Diabolik: Track of the Panther" on Disney+

Release "Diabolik: Track of the Panther" on Disney+

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11 Kasım 2022
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  • Diabolik: Track of the Panther (or Saban's Diabolik) is a 2000-2001 Fox Kids-Saban Entertainment co-produced animated series based on the Italian anti-hero and comic books franchise called same name as "Diabolik". 
  • It was a quality animated series that reflects the characteristics of the period with its futuristic atmosphere, wonderful drawings, terrific anatomical descriptions, background landscape designs, state-of-the-art devices, and is well ahead of today's animations as an art design. 
  • Due to these reasons, it was a part of Fox Kids-Jetix channels for many years and was broadcasted on FTA channels.
  • Disney has owned all rights to the show since 2001 through BVS Entertainment, a subsidiary of Disney's primary cable network FREEFORM. But unfortunately this show is not available on Disney+.


  • As Fox Kids, Jetix and Diabolik fans around the world we want something very simple. 
  • Bring this show (Diabolik: Track of the Panther / Saban's Diabolik) to Disney+ with HD Remaster and contribute to more people watching and getting to know this great series today.


  • Saban International Paris studio (laterly known as SIP Animation), which produced Diabolik, later produced the Jetix original series "A.T.O.M. - Alpha Teens on Machines" and "W.I.T.C.H."
  • That's why the Dibolik series was played an important role in the development of the to form Jetix brand and the studio's further works.
  • This show was planned to air U.S. and Poland at the beginning but It was never aired in U.S. and Poland due to some regulations. Despite this, the show was a huge hit in some European countries and Latin America at the time of its aired. The series is an essential part of the Fox Kids and Jetix collection.
  • The animated series has been owned by Disney since 2001, as Disney acquired Fox Family Worldwide and Saban Entertainment in 2001.
  • Jacqueline Tordjman, the show's producer and former CEO of SIP Animation, still works with Disney today and markets the show "Miraculous: Tales of the Ladybug and the Black Cat."
  • The show's lead writer, Larry Broddy, wrote 3 Episodes in the 1994 Spider-Man series and was also the lead writer of Saban's 1999 Spider-Man Unlimited and 1998 Silver Surfer series. 
  • These series can still be watched on Disney+. However, Disney owned series Diabolik and Xyber9: New Dawn, whose lead writer is Larry Broddy, are not available on Disney+
  • In addition, Scott D. Peterson, who wrote the script for two episodes of the show, has also been actively involved in Disney branded series such as "Phineas & Ferb" and "The Replacements". 
  • Apart from comic books and animated tv series, the franchise has two movies, Danger: Diabolik (1968) and Diabolik (2021). But they are not owned or not affiliated to by Disney


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İmzalar: 254Sonraki Hedef: 500
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