Release 'Deadly Friend' movie Director's cut version on DVD/Blu-ray

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 This is a petition to Warner Bros Home Entertainment saying that the Director's Cut of the movie 'Deadly Friend' that was released in 1986 directed by Wes Craven and screenwriter's Bruce Joel Rubin's  should be released.  If Warner Bros. does not want to release this edition/deleted scenes than we would like if another company could release it then we would be so happy.

What is a 'Director's Cut'?  How is different than the version that was released?

Well a 'Director's Cut' is the original version of a movie or show.  In this case 'Deadly Friend' was originally going to be a PG-rated supernatural science fiction thriller that the main focus was the romantic love story between Paul Conway and Samantha Pringle.  When Wes Craven made the original film he put it to a test screening with some of his fans.  The response that he got back from his fans were negative.  They said this because there was a lack of Violence and Gore.  The audience was disappointed because most of Wes Craven's films were horror and had gore them like his film 'Nightmare on Elm Street'.  Mark Tappin(the president of Warner Bros. at the time), told Rubin(another director and writer for the film) to write in more gore scenes in the script.  The gory dream sequences like when Samantha stabs her dad with a vase and blood is squirting out of the vase and is getting all over Samantha and her bed.  The infamous basketball death scene was another gory scene.  And the opening scene where a thief tries to steal something from Paul and his mom's van were not in the original script and were all re-shots and add in's.  The ending where Sam turns into a robot and kills Paul by choking him and then snapping his neck was a last minute idea of Mark Tappin.  Also, several scenes were cut out so the movie wouldn't be a love story but more of a horror/suspense movie.  Wes Craven's original version of the film is stored in the Warner Bros. vaults and no one can see it as of right now.  Wes Craven and Bruce Joel Rubin were not happy about the changes demanded by the studio because it almost ruined the original version.

I own the director's cut script and it is so amazing, we get to learn more about Paul and Sam' past and their parents. These are only scenes though that have released pictures.
Some deleted scenes that we have seen are:

  • A picture of Paul and Samantha sitting in front of Paul's house talking about parents and how Smantha's mom left and how Paul's dad gor a divorse with Jeannie when Paul was six. and while next to them is BB doing some laundry.
  • A picture of Paul and Samantha sitting on a bench in a park kissing and Samantha is holding Chister. (A gift Sam gives to Paul)
  •  A picture of Paul and Samantha in their Halloween costumes on Halloween talking to Carl Denton that BB did the Robot Squeeze on earlier in the movie. This scene is when Carl is teasing Sam and Paul trys to stop it.
  • A picture of Paul and his mom in his bed room talking after they found out that Sam was going to be unplugged from life support. Paul is saying how much more the doctors could do and how the brain is this incredible instrument.
  • A picture of Paul kneeling next to Sam while she is on life support.
  • A picture of Elvira's original death scene.  The original was that Sam came up right behind Elvira and pushed her into the front door of Elvira's house.(It shows part of this scene in the theatrical trailer.)
  • A picture of Paul and his mom sitting next to each other on a couch at their house.
  • On the back of the Twisted Terror DVD edition shows the original ending where supposedly Paul dreams that Sam comes into his bedroom and is wearing a white flowly dress and is trying to symbolize that she is saying goodbye to Paul.  Also on the back of the same DVD there is a picture that shows Paul and his mom sitting down and Samantha is standing I front of them saying something.
  • In the theatrical trailer shows a deleted scene where Sam backs away from the camera(indicating that where the camera is, is from Paul's point of view). And Samantha giggles and says "You're so cute."

Article about 'Deadly Friend': 

Paul Conway played by Matthew Labyorteaux (Albert Ingalls in Little House On The Prairie, Richie Adler in Whiz kids, Kenny Mollencamp in Shattered Spirits, Frankie in The Red Hand Gang.)

Samantha Pringle played by Kristy Swanson (Buffy in the original Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Flowers in the Attic, The Chase, Mannequin 2: On the Move)

Jeannie Conway played by Anne Twomey

Elvira Parker played by Anne Ramsey (The Goonies)

Harry Pringle played by Richard Marcus

BeeBee's voice by Charles Flischer

A lot of us are major fans of the film and would love it if the original version could be put out to the public for fans to see and it could be a collectors item.  We know that it would take some time and work to be done in order to put it out to the public and we are willing to do whatever is needed.  Even if that means to start a campaign to raise money for it.

We thank you so much for your time to sign this petition and to help make this happen.

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