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Release David Bloomquist from his radio position

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On Thursday April 19th media personality David Bloomquist aka "Bloomdaddy" released a blog slandering and discrediting coal miners worldwide. Mr. Bloomquist personally attacked the families and the coal miners. Bloomdaddy's blog was as follows:

"If I see one more sticker that says "Proud Wife of a Coal Miner" I'm gonna go crazy!!!!! Hey ladies...congratulations. I'm sure you're proud of him....but I don't care....and I doubt anyone else does either.'re married to a guy who works a job that nearly every other walking...talking..breathing human being....this side of Stephen Hawking....COULD DO!!!!!!!!! Now I know this is going to come off as harsh....but I don't care because it needs said. There is nothing special about being a coal miner! Period. IS IT TOUGH...DEMANDING....HONORABLE WORK? ABSOLUTELY!!!! But it's not up there with Navy SEAL...astrophysicist...or host of the Today Show. It's not like someone with a GED...2 arms and 2 legs couldn't do it. With that said...could I do it? No...because I'm allergic to manual labor and I'm there ya go.

But seriously...quit bragging that your old man is doing something 95 percent of the world's population could do! As a matter of fact.....I believe coal mining is done in most third world countries by 13 year old there ya go....and I swear to God the day I see a "Proud Wife of a Stay at Home Dad" sticker.....I'm gonna run somebody off the road.

This blog created MAJOR outraged to the families of miners and to the coal miners. Many will refuse to listen to WWVA or any Clear Channel stations until Bloomquist is released from his position. Coal miners risk their lives daily and while he may have the right to freedom of speech he does not have the right to sit in a cozy office behind a computer that is powered by coal and our hard working coal miners. As a VERY PROUD daughter of a coal miner I ask as do others to release Mr. Bloomquist from his position at your radio station. Though he may have issued an apology that is clearly not good enough.

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