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Release bear at Fayfa pet shop, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to a zoo in the UK!

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This bear has been in Fayfa, a pet shop in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for over 5 years. We believe it is an Asian black bear or moon bear. It is not for sale and it has not been taken care of adqeuately. The bear has no toys, lives in a cement cell with no grass or comfort from the extreme heat, is very depressed and has no food or water on site. It depends on the kindness of a few visiting volunteers to feed it. The bear has been imported into Saudi Arabia illegally against CITES regulations. We have identified a rescue shelter for the bear and are waiting for the Saudi Wildlife Commission and Fayfa pet shop to release the animal to an interested UK zoo that Monkey World, UK directors have helped organize.   

Please sign this letter as the bear looks very malnutritioned and needs immediate veterinary care. The rescue home is place, but the local Saudi authorities have not acted upon the requests, so more local and international awareness is needed to help us with this cause. Please sign and share!   For more information please visit

Please send a letter/fax or call the Saudi Commission:

Highness Prince Bandar bin Saud Al Saud
Secretary General of the Saudi Commission for Wildlife
PO BOX 61681
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Address: PO Box 61681, Riyadh 11575, Saudi Arabia
Direct Fax: +966(01) 4410797
Commission Fax: +966(01) 2121716
Telephone: +966(01) 4410369 (Mr. Borhan or CITES office)

Your Highness Prince Bandar bin Saud Al Saud,
Saudi Arabia has made advances in all directions, one of them is signing the international CITES agreement to protect endangered animals and prohibit their trade.  The international image of Saudi Arabia as a humanitarian country has escalated, and Islamic values of animal welfare are being promoted. 
Due to the great efforts and progress you have made, we would like to bring to your attention the case of an illegally imported Asian black bear at Fayfa pet shop in Jeddah Saudi Arabia.  In addition, the pet shop cages this animal as if it is a zoo, which it is not.  The bear is not well looked after nor is it fed the proper diet, nor is food and water present.  The bear survives from the charity of the visitors, who are shocked that such conditions could exist in Saudi Arabia, the homeland of Islam.  In fact, this is not an animal that is meant to be a house pet, and it can never become a personal pet - it is an exotic that should be in a zoo and preserved.  We have been able to locate a rescue center for bear at Monkey World, UK, now you just need to arrange to have it send there.   

Furthermore, since the bear has been uncared for many years, it may be dangerous to people, including the families and children who visit Fayfa pet shop in Jeddah.  In addition, the bear looks very thin and may be in need of medical attention according to doctors and veterinarians who have seen the photos and the bear.  Furthermore, it is clear that the pet shop is not benefiting from having the bear there because people are upset and shocked by the bear being held as if in jail, and they do not know how to care for it.  The workers are not trained animal professionals, particularly in the area of exotic animals, and they are afraid of it – thus they do not clean the cage or give the bear proper medical expertise.  As the Wildlife Commission has a responsibility to set good examples, and educate people on correct animal welfare, as well as uphold laws, we are kindly asking for your intervention to release this bear into the proper hands.

The perfect solution to end the suffering of this bear and bring Saudi Arabia to the forefront of animal rescue and to take a stand against those who break CITES regulations has been presented by Dr. Alison Cronin MBE, Bear Specialist and Director at Monkey World, +44 (0)1929 401 005.  Dr. Cronin has agreed to assist in the relocation of the bear with an interested zoo in the UK, and she and will work with the Saudi Wildlife Commission to ensure its safe journey to a proper facility.  

Now that Saudi Arabia is a part of CITES, and already has the high standards of the Quran and Hadith that enforce animal welfare, let’s show the world that Saudi Arabia does support animal welfare and preservation by looking after the animals that have been illegally imported into the country. 
Thank you for your time and assistance.

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