Release Additional DLC with the Voice Actors from the Compilation of FFVII for the FFVII-R

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*NOTICE: The purpose of this Petition is not to remove or replace the new voice actors/actresses. The purpose of this petition is to ask for extra DLC with the original voices from Advent Children / Crisis Core. This DLC will come after the completion of the game to completely avoid delaying the game. *



We are a growing group of highly dedicated Final Fantasy VII fans who are determined to bring back the Compilation of FFVII Voice Actors to Final Fantasy VII Remake as DLC!

Our goal keeps in mind not only the other devoted fans but the Compilation of FFVII Voice Actors as well. They have worked earnestly in providing the voices for all of our favorite characters throughout the years. Since they have worked for us, now it's our turn to be the voices for them!


Here is a list of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII Voice Actors from Advent Children, Crisis Core, and Dirge of Cerberus that we would desperately love to see in the Final Fantasy VII Remake:

○ Steve Burton as Cloud Strife

○ George Newbern as Sephiroth

○ Beau Billingslea as Barret Wallace

○ Rachael Leigh Cook as Tifa Lockhart

○ Andrea Bowen as Aerith Gainsborough

○ Quinton Flynn as Reno

○ Rick Gomez as Zack Fair

○ Steve Blum as Vincent Valentine

○ Crispin Freeman as Rude


While we might not be able to get them all back – we also don’t want to forget about other Voice Actors that gave us amazing characters as well! It would be great if these voice actors could also be included as a DLC option.


○ Christy Carlson Romano / Mae Whitman as Yuffie Kisaragi

○ Greg Ellis as Cait Sith

○ April Stewart as Lucrecia

○ Liam O'Brien as Red XIII

○ Paul Eiding as Hojo

○ Chris Edgerly as Cid Highwind

○ Wally Wingert as Rufus Shinra

○ Ryun Yu as Tseng

○ Bettina Bush as Elena

○ Jamieson Price as Reeve Tuesti

This petition has been created to give us, the fans, a chance to let our voices be heard and to stand up for the voices we expected to be within the game. The Final Fantasy VII Remake, as quoted by Square Enix, “is for the fans” and by changing the voices they have subverted our expectations of a beloved game. While Square has delivered the game with graphics and staying faithful to character designs, eliminating the voices renders these victories void. Without these voices, we no longer recognize these characters; making our immersion and game experience less than ideal. These highly talented voice actors are what made Final Fantasy VII so special. They are responsible for bringing these beloved characters to life. Final Fantasy VII Remake will not be complete without these actors.

We understand that there are some people who are satisfied with the new voice actors and do not want them to bring back the original voice cast… To settle this, we thought, What if Square Enix would make a DLC with all of the Compilation of FFVII Voice Actors and make it available to us for some extra money. We think this would be the best way to go, that way we can give the new voice cast a chance, but also make it to where the Compilation Voice Actors have a chance to be a part of this and not be left out of this amazing opportunity.

Nevertheless, whether fans support the cause or not this petition has been created with the intentions of giving everyone the playing experience that they have expected since the unveiling of the game in 2015.

This reunion is for you.