Release 21 Chatham Dogs to Temporary Sanctuary

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These 21 dogs, seized from a local Tilbury dog fighting ring, have already suffered beyond comprehension. The dogs were seized almost a year ago and there have been 5 separate court delays which ultimately accomplished nothing. We have no idea how long this case may last. We ask the Ontario judiciary and decision makers involved in this case do not continue down this road of indifference

Dogs are susceptible to a mental illness known as Kennelitis or "Kennel Crazy" when confined for long periods without physical and emotional enrichment. Shelters are unable to provide this necessary enrichment.   A recent study on Canine Mental Health found:  “Symptoms of this stress-induced canine compulsive behavior disorder can include spinning and jumping in the kennel, chewing incessantly, and jumping and pulling excessively if on a lead. Other more depression-like symptoms may include self-mutilation, lack of appetite and lethargy.”

The next scheduled court date is on August 25, 2016 and we request that Motions be heard at that time to expedite this unconscionable never ending case.  Each  time a court date is rescheduled these dogs are subjected to further emotional and mental abuse. While the Criminal Code of Canada designates animals as property, those with a heart understand these are sentient beings. They are not cars that have been seized or a house which has defaulted on mortgage payments.  They breathe, they feel, they suffer.

Until such time a final decision has been made on the fate of these 21 dogs we ask they be released on a temporary basis to a place where they will not be further traumatized and punished.

Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary in King City Ontario is a 52 acre utopia for rescued dogs and horses. They have the capacity, the resources and the willingness to take these dogs, under whatever reasonable restrictions the court may require, at no cost to OSPCA or the Province until their ultimate fate has been decided.

Allowing the dogs to be temporarily housed at Dog Tales Rescue & Sanctuary will have no direct effect on the outcome of the case. The owners of the dogs have agreed to let Dog Tales house the 21 dogs.  There is absolutely no justification for not allowing it. No purpose is served having them remain caged in a shelter. Every delay is additional punishment for these dogs.  It is not just, it is not moral, it is not humane and it is not civilized.

We need to see these dogs do not suffer any longer and can enjoy the waiting period until the case is settled in a place where they will not be further punished for the deeds of humans.

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