Relaxation in year-back system for 21 Scheme VTU Students

Relaxation in year-back system for 21 Scheme VTU Students

4 November 2022
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Dr.Vidyashankar S. (Hon'ble Vice Chancellor,Visvesvaraya Technological University) and 1 other
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Started by Hrishikesh Malagi

This is a request to cancel the year back for 21-Scheme students studying under vtu affiliated and autonomous colleges.

The first and the foremost reason being that we have been promoted in the 12th Class due to COVID-19 pandemic and with no proper lectures and practicals .

We lack the basic strength which is required to solve the subjects in the first year.

After joining the first year in December -2021 we have been facing numerous issues like college being called off due to some controversies and online classes due to the Omicron wave during the initial phase of the college lectures which further affected the teaching learning process. The semester which is supposed to be completed in a period of 6 months and 4 months if excluding the practical and theory exams , we have been forced to complete it in merely 2.5 months at max.

 Along with no relaxation in the Internal Assessment.We had to submit assignments, complete seminars and quizzes and also take up 3 IA’s in the duration .

Also the  syllabus time allocation was rushed unnecessarily , if a topic was prescribed for 4 hours it was mostly completed in 2- 2.5 hours at max, which caused more confusion and unclear understanding of the subject. Even after keeping tons of extra classes the syllabus was rushed 

The Syllabus was also not reduced due to less time and the lab practicals were rushed too. We were not even given proper time for the back papers in the Second sem as we had back to back alternate papers .Also after COVID-19 pandemic many people faced financial problems due to which they were not allowed to sit for classes and exams,and were denied the hall tickets as well  which is also unfair.

The year back system was also not clearly stated and was ambiguous. No one had a clear idea on it .The result  takes 45-55 days and then we have to  complete the full syllabus in 30-40 days which is also hectic to manage along with studies .The extra classes which some colleges even conducted on Sunday(First time i ever saw these )  along with almost no brakes or whatsoever have caused health problems to many students too . It has affected us both mentally and physically. 

All the other batches year back system is cancelled so it would be unfair to keep it only for the 21-Scheme students and also getting a year back will drastically affect a students career as it gets a permanent mark in one’s resume and also has ill effects during placements and if someone wants to go for higher studies in India or abroad.

Hence,We request the concerned authority  to kindly cancel the year back system and provide us with a circular soon so we can focus on the 3rd sem subjects and also clear the back subjects peacefully. 



Visvesvaraya Technological University, the Premier University offering UG and PG Courses in Engineering
can boast about giving birth to some of the best engineers in Karnataka. However, looks like it has
ended up in confusion when it comes to deciding on examination and carry forward pattern for the
students who took admission in the year 2021.
The batch of students who stepped into Engineering life after facing many ups and downs in their pre
university academic life after being hit by two consecutive lockdowns and no efforts being made to
compensate the learning loss that happened due to closing down of schools and due to extended online
classes are today left to the mercy of fate in their University education life.
The batch of students who took admission in the year 2021 started their classes in the early January and
were made to give the semester examination in mid May which meant a period of less than 5 months
for their first semester which otherwise would have been around 6 months. Also their second semester
started just as soon as the first semester exam got over and the examination was scheduled in the
second week of September which again meant a time period of just about 3 months. This shortage of
time has lead to many irregularities. One of them is that syllabus could not be completed and students
had to take exams on topics that were not even taught to them. One more being students couldn’t get
enough time and exposure to understand the procedure of conducting experiments in labs and had to
take lab examinations with incomplete knowledge without any fault of theirs.
To add to the woes, the extra activities included to this batch of students namely quizzes and seminars
along with 3 Internal Assessments, 2 lab Internals, 1 Lab External, Assignments and Records has made
the already hectic schedules more hectic making it worse for students to catch up to learning pace and
take exams judiciously.
Especially during the second semester in which the students have fests and sports related activities has
further reduced the time spent on teaching and learning activities. Also the examination time table set
with back to back examinations made things worse for students who had already faced learning loss
right from their Pre University days.
Considering all these difficulties faced by VTU students of batch 2021, we request VTU to withdraw the
Year Back system imposed on them and adopt a system similar to the one adopted for the 2018 scheme
We believe that VTU will look into the issue, understand the problems being faced by students and take
the requested steps in view of the welfare of the entire VTU Students’ Community


This petition made change with 5,642 supporters!

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Decision Makers

  • Dr.Vidyashankar S.Hon'ble Vice Chancellor,Visvesvaraya Technological University
  • Dr.B.E.Rangaswamy Registrar (Evaluation),Visvesvaraya Technological University