Relax Enrollment Age for Recruitment through UHQ Rally of Indian Army due to COVID Crisis


Relax Enrollment Age for Recruitment through UHQ Rally of Indian Army due to COVID Crisis

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Amar Kushwaha started this petition to Shri Narendra Modi (Prime Minister's Office) and

I'm an Army Brat, the Pandemic has affected each & everyone's life and undoubtedly Army Brats are also the One!

During this crisis & with continuing restricted activities, the aspired Army Brats lost a lot more opportunities to join the Indian Army through Unit Headquarters (UHQ) Rally (A Recruitment Programme for Son of Soldiers). 

  • The recruitments through Unit Headquarters (UHQ) Rally are postponed indefinitely. Moreover, the notifications for postponed recruitments are being published with fresh Age Cut-Off by respective Unit Headquarters of Indian Army leading the aspirants helpless. 
  • Open Category candidates got their recruitments reserved by the registration process through the Official Indian Army website but there has not been any such decision for Relation Candidates.
  • A lot of efforts had already been invested by the aspirants towards the preparation to join Indian Army.

Considering the prevailing circumstances of COVID-19 Pandemic and taking into account the forthcoming situations the aspired Army Brats hereby put forward their demands before Ministry of Defence & Department of Military Affairs headed by Chief of Defence Staff - General Bipin Rawat,

  • to keep the Age Group intact for the already published Unit Headquarters (UHQ) Rally which are postponed due to Pandemic,
  • consider the COVID-19 Pandemic for the recruitment notifications to be released by various Unit Headquarters of Indian Army,
  • to allow induction of Girls through Unit Headquarters (UHQ) Rally into Corps of Military Police (CMP), as of now only allowed from Open Category under certain relaxations,
  • to focus upon digitally transforming the registration process for Recruitment through Unit Headquarters (UHQ) Rally under the Digital India Mission launched in 2015 so that candidates may not face similar issue again.

The Army Recruiting Office have decided to favour aspirants who are overaged due to pandemic. Thus, maintained criteria for DoB calculation as on 1 Oct of this year, stating that it will impart a benefit of six months to all aspirants (Apr-Oct) but it didn't happened. The decision have ruled out all aspirants who got influenced due to lockdown. Thus didn't benefitting anyone. However, candidates who got overaged in Oct and so on are still suffering as a consequence of Corona Pandemic due to non-conduct and postponement of recruitments.  Recruiting Office Decision - II

By signing this petition you may be contributing towards the lives of Relation Candidates i.e Son of Serving Soldiers (SOS), Son of Ex-Servicemen (SOEX), Son of Widow (SOW), Son-in-Law of  War Widow (SOWW), For induction into Corps of Military Police (CMP) - Daughter of Serving Soldiers (DOS), Daughter of Ex-Servicemen (DOEX), Daughter of War Widow (DOWW) & Daughter of Widow of Serving/Ex-Servicemen (DOW).

"Since decades our Mom & Dad have served for the Country, now it's your turn to be our voice so that we may have privilege to serve the Nation. I know you would love to see us all as young soldiers." - Army Brats

May this petition see as much as love & support you have for our Indian Armed Forces ❣️

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Amar Kushwaha

Son of Soldier
Jai Hind


This petition made change with 849 supporters!

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