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Petition for a 3rd season of Diabolik Lovers!

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First off we, the Diabolik Lovers fandom would like to thank you for making a game that we really enjoy and make us fangirl whenever we see or hear any updates, although there is some people in the fandom that do not like certain characters i can guarantee that they love the games and other media of it.

As you may know Diabolik Lovers had a numerous of fans in your country but there are also many other fans outside of Japan, there are a lot in the USA, UK, Europe, Romania, Sweden and many more! When we all heard about Diabolik Lovers was going to be made into an anime, we were very happy, we enjoyed every episode and fangirled when we saw our favourite character(s) and our ship(s) (OTP). We were all happy by the first season.
When you announced this year that there would be a second season airing in October, we were so excited along with the announcement of the game(s) and the Bloody Bouquet CDs. October/November came and went so fast, yet again we all enjoyed the season as much as the first.

However, we would like to request that you could make a third season to cover up the game Dark Fate and if it isn't too much trouble, we would also like there to be more episodes and for them to be longer since the plot itself is long and quite much to cover. It would also be nice to have a good ending song like in Dance with Devils. A good thing to put in is Cordelia and Christa since they both are alive in Dark Fate. This will let us see the boys (the triplets and Subaru) show their route in the game. I must say that I really enjoyed the small bond Cordelia and Yui had in Ayato’s route, I love how you gave them all character development. It would also be really good to involve KarlHeinz and him revealing his plans and getting to know the origin as of to why he started all of this to begin with. Another thing that we would want to see is Yui’s adoptive father Seiji Komori. 

Another thing we would like to see more of is Yui’s strong side like she is in the games and manga (would i go to far if we would like to see her sassy side as well?) and also the brothers kindness, we saw moments where both the Sakamaki’s and Mukami’s were kind to Yui but that was only short.

This is just a suggestion, but we also found something that we would really love to hear which is Yui singing, what we all found good is that Yui could sing the opening and then she along with the Sakamaki’s, Mukami’s and Tsukinami’s could sing the ending.

We, the Diabolik Lovers fans really love the things you do for us and we really appreciate it and we thought that if you included these things in the anime then the fandom will love it even more and people will start to like it.

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