Reinstate water protections to make Florida’s coasts safe again

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Over the last eight years, Florida’s state government has chipped away at environmental regulations, even cutting $700 million in funding for water protections. Now agribusinesses near Lake Okeechobee can use more pesticides and fertilizers - without any penalties for the damages this runoff causes. These cuts have gutted Florida’s ability to protect communities from environmental pollution. Right now, both of Florida’s coasts are experiencing a massive and unprecedented red tide and green algae bloom that’s lasted six months, with no end in sight. Rick Scott will not be leading Florida’s environmental policies anymore, but Ron DeSantis will.

Ron DeSantis has a chance to reinstate millions of dollars for water protections and beef up environmental pollution standards. Sign this petition and tell Florida’s next governor to stand up for clean water, and reinstate funding for water protections.

We’re now in the midst of hurricane season, where storm surges of 8-12 feet could send toxic red tide and green algae infested water into people’s homes. Floridians need a comprehensive plan now. Sign this petition to tell Ron DeSantis to stand up for clean water, reinstate full funding for water protections, and bring back common sense environmental protections that Rick Scott abolished.

For half a decade, both coasts of Florida have suffered from guacamole-thick green algae and intensive red tides that can almost be clocked to planned releases from Lake Okeechobee. In the past, these releases did not have such dire effects on Florida’s coasts. $700 million in cuts for water protections and drastic environmental de-regulations have allowed businesses to dump more nutrient-rich runoff into Lake Okeechobee. Red tide and green algae literally consume the oxygen in waterways, suffocating marine and plant life to death. The gasses emitted by these blooms can also have dire impacts for the respiratory and nervous system health of people in coastal communities - not to mention the economic effects of losses to tourism and business closures.

That’s why it’s so important for the next leader of Florida to come forward with a plan and a commitment to protect Florida’s coasts from this environmental disaster. Tell Ron DeSantis to put forward a comprehensive plan that reinstates funding to protect Florida’s waterways, and stand up for clean water and a healthy Florida.