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Reinstate cut trains stopping at Marino Rocks, Marino and Seacliff stations between 8-9am

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**Update: We’re expecting a reply from the Transport Minister to our 1000+ petition in June 2018.**

The new Adelaide Metro timetable added 2 extra city bound trains to the Seaford Line between 6am and 9am, and a claimed doubling of semi express services. It also came with a pledge of a maximum 30 minute wait time.

Our problem
Commuters and school children from Marino Rocks, Marino and Seacliff have seen:

  • trains cut from 4 to 2 between 8am and 9am with waits well over 30 mins. For example those missing the 8:07am train from Seacliff now see 2 express trains fly past, before the 8:42am service, arriving in the city well after 9am. 
  • trains cut from 4 to 3 between 7am and 8am

Marino and to a large extent Seacliff, have no other public transport options.

This update actually makes it impossible for some school kids to get to school on the train now.

Suggested alternatives like using a car to drive past our local stations (at a time when kids are on the streets trying to make their way to school) just so we can add to parking woes at “express stations” like Hallett Cove or Brighton are dangerous and ill judged. It takes trains 1 minute to stop at each station.

The solution
By at least making the new 8:08am service from Seaford stop at smaller stations (like the old 8:06am service did) you can maintain the 30 minute pledge, provide more options to get to the city (easing overcrowding) and will also placate schools.

This should not be about shaving 2 minutes off a Seaford to City commute for a headline. This is about giving all stations a fair amount of choice for getting people to work and kids safely to school.

The future
If we’re not successful now, we’ll keep fighting. We already have in place this growing petition, a digital strategy, our new website and Facebook group. We also have the support of our very well established 5049 Coastal Community Group, partners in the press and politics.

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