Reinstate the Social Justice Curriculum at The Center School.

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Reinstate the Social Justice Curriculum at The Center School.

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Excerpt from Seattle Post Intelligencer


One of the conditions is to expect discomfort; that is natural whenever people talk about something -- in this case race -- that is not usually a part of daily conversation. We are not surprised when we or others feel uncomfortable during the conversation, but we do not try to rescue one another from the discomfort. It's a learning process, and it becomes natural only through experience.


We are involved in Courageous Conversations because, we see the struggle against racism as a struggle we must all engage in. We recognize that racism hurts oppressor and oppressed, if in different ways and to varying degrees. It is a morally corrupt matrix into which we all are born, and from which we all suffer -- and against which we must all struggle, united in our vibrantly diverse human community. We work toward social justice not only for the sake of others, but for our own sake as well. We all have a stake in what our society is, and we all have a responsibility to make it what it can be.



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The article, published in The Seattle PI in 2008, speaks to the importance of continuing our own conversations on race at The Center School.


On August 2th, 2002, courageous conversations led by Glen Singleton were a mandatory training of 7,000 Seattle Public School teachers and staff. Its intent was to raise the academic performance of students, We below present and past student as well as friends and family of the social justice curriculum at The Center School, feel that it is still vitality important to hold these conversations, despite discomfort. The importance of these discussions is to help educate individuals about the personal experiences of those who have dealt with Social Injustice, and further their understanding of acceptance of gender and race.


Please help us support the current curriculum on race and social justice here at The Center School.


Our cause would also be helped if you would write letters, to the people below, telling them about your personal experiences with The Center School Social Justice curriculum, and the benefits of students learning about Social Justice.


Fax Numbers…

Jose Banda 206-252-0259

Marni Cambell 206-252-0259

Oksana Britsova 206-252-9851

Michael Tolley- Executive Director of Education- 206-252-0259

Kay Smith-Blum - School Board President-


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This petition had 1,146 supporters

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