Confirmed victory
Petitioning Monteagle City Hall, Mayor Marilyn Nixon and 9 others

Reinstate Scotty Hoosier as Dispatcher at E911 Mountain Central Dispatch

SCOTTY HOOSIER (the dispatcher that told us the truth about the Coalmont School possible threat) NEEDS OUR HELP...Please Read!!!


Marilyn Nixon, the mayor of Monteagle, called for the suspension and had the E911 Department Head to act it out.

Would you believe that they have suspended without pay Scotty Hoosier (central dispatch dispatcher) because he released TRUE information about them detaining and questioning the man that was possibly making threats to Coalmont School...nowwww it is TRUE that the man WAS NOT but at the time he was considered a valid threat...enough for our sheriff's department to take him into temporary detainment, hold him all night long, search his house and property and finally release him early the next day...THIS IS TRULY RIDICULOUS!!!

Please sign the online petition and an email will automatically be sent to the individuals listed on the petition letter.  Also, if you prefer to speak to these individuals in person or drop them a real letter in the mail then here is the information that you will need.

Mayor: Marilyn Nixon
PO Box 679
Monteagle, TN 37356
931.924.3040 (home)
931.222.0515 (cell)

Vice Mayor: Alexander (Lex) Orr
PO Box 695
Monteagle, TN 37356
931.924.5182 (home)
931.841.0315 (cell)

Aldermen: Russell (Rusty) Leonard
188 Grand View Lane
Sewanee, TN 37357
931.598.0744 (home)
931.212.0447 (cell)
931.962.0447 (office)

Harry Parmley
104 Layne Avenue
Monteagle, TN 37356
931.924.3153 (home)
931.273.2918 (cell)

Alvin Powell
52 Oak Drive
Monteagle, TN 37356
931.592.3896 (home)
931.607.1457 (cell)

E-911 Center
Wanda McDaniels
PO Box 127
Monteagle, TN 37356

Grundy Co Sheriff's Dept.
Brent Myers
62 Spring St
Altamont, TN 37301
931-692-3466 (phone)
931-692-2400 (fax)

Lonnie Cleek
Grundy County Mayor
P.O. Box 177
Altamont, TN  37301
(931) 692-3718
(931) 692-3721 Fax

Joel Hargis
Grundy County Director of Schools
P.O. Box 97
Altamont, TN  37301
(931) 692-3467
(931) 692-2188 Fax

Letter to
Monteagle City Hall, Mayor Marilyn Nixon
Director of Grundy County Schools Joel Hargis
Grundy County Mayor Lonnie Cleek
and 7 others
Grundy County Sheriff Brent Myers
E911 Director at Mountain Central E-911 Wanda McDaniel
Monteagle Alderman Alvin Powell
Monteagle Alderman Harry Parmley
Monteagle Alderman Russell Leonard
Monteagle City Hall, Mayor Marilyn Nixon
Monteagle City Hall, Mayor Marilyn Nixon
Please reinstate Scotty Hoosier ASAP as dispatcher for your 911 Center. He is one of the best dispatchers that we have and was only doing his job when he gave basic details to concerned citizens that called in to central dispatch the night before the supposed school shooting was to happen at Coalmont School . I ask that you reinstate him and provide full back pay from wages lost while suspended.