Reinstate Securitas Guard Walter Terzano to his post at Harvard University, Agassiz House!

Reinstate Securitas Guard Walter Terzano to his post at Harvard University, Agassiz House!

March 10, 2022
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Dean of Financial Aid Harvard Admissions Bill Fitzsimmons
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Why this petition matters

Started by Veritas Rex

WHEREAS Walter walked in unannounced off the street at 65 years young and was hired on the spot after a life of service to his country as a United States Marine Corps Sgt., photographer, writer, licensed private detective, and published authority on the JFK assassination,

WHEREAS Walter was hand picked by the Harvard Administration after an extensive 2 round interview process, and only after after no other officers were found by the Office of Admissions to be worthy of the position after a 6 month search of all available candidates, Walter was hired specifically to fill the post at Agassiz House,

WHEREAS Walter has been referred to as 'A Harvard Institution' by Harvard University Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid,  William R. Fitzsimmons, on a full staff Zoom call,

WHEREAS Walter's service and dedication has placed him among the best of us here at Harvard, if not THE best. He has never disobeyed an order or had a problem with any individual in 13 years of service to Harvard University. I can tell you from personal experience - this is not an easy or probable thing to accomplish with some of the issues we encounter on a daily basis on campus,

WHEREAS in February 2022, Walter, under federal protections and in his role as an SEIU 32BJ union shop steward, was actively engaged in preparing signage and organizing a rally outside the President of Harvard, Lawrence Bacow's residence on Elm St. in support of fair working conditions, real parity and wages in the same range as those at Boston University and MIT for 3rd party contracted guards working for Securitas at Harvard University,

WHEREAS we guards at Harvard University believe with all our hearts that this is a clear case of ageism, overreach, abuse, and retaliation as we continue the fight for a fair and decent contract for our group that addresses the respect deficit on campus for our officers,

WHEREAS we also strongly believe that Securitas-Harvard holding Walter hostage for nearly a month now is designed to slow and suppress support for a fair contract by keeping one of our greatest allies on the sidelines, barred from campus - among several other clear and present legal transgressions which have occurred in this case already, 

WHEREAS Walter is has now *exceeded* an entire month of 'suspension pending further investigation' according to Securitas-Harvard after a piece of equipment went missing which was later found by a supervisor, no, was TAKEN by a supervisor unbeknownst to Walt,

WHEREAS Walter is out of work and now suffering undeservedly through no fault of his own,

WHEREAS misplacing equipment is something that occurs on a regular basis, at least for the sites on campus that DO have working radios - the lack of which is an ongoing risk and issue that Securitas, Harvard University, and Harvard University Police have been made aware of on multiple occasions,

WHEREAS the entirety of our security workforce (around 300 guards) knows Walter was not at fault and simply followed orders of his FAS Manager, Rob Sabater, after reporting the missing items and being TOLD by Rob Sabater to "Call the police and let them handle it". Traditionally, when we lose things, we take time to search for them, sometimes up to a week before notifying Harvard University. It's extremely odd that an order was given to summon the police.

WHEREAS No other officer would have been reasonably expected to have acted ANY differently after receiving a direct order from his boss, never mind a former United States Marine who has followed orders his entire life, and answers the phone at nearly 80 years old with "Yes Sir",

WHEREAS the fact that this minor issue which occurs weekly (equipment failure/missing) has been blown way out of proportion it is unconscionable and Securitas-Harvard should be ashamed of their conduct in this case. Even if Walt had an ounce of responsibility in this instance (we don't believe he does) the punishment certainly does not fit the crime,

WHEREAS Walter was extremely cooperative both with the police who arrived on scene - as he had been instructed to be by his FAS Manager, Rob Sabater (,

WHEREAS Walter immediately cooperated with the 'investigation' by a 30 year lifer in the security industry with dubious credentials to conduct such an 'investigation' the next day by going in and speaking with him, and providing a written report regarding the alleged incident to Alonzo Herring, Securitas' Director of Labor Relations at 342 Broadway, Cambridge MA ( ,

WHEREAS there has been radio silence on this issue for nearly a month,

THEREFORE  it is far past time for Walter Terzano:

FIRSTLY, to be reinstated with full back pay as  a Lead Guard from date of his suspension,

SECONDLY, to be offered a written apology by Securitas and Harvard University,

FINALLY, to be put back on the schedule immediately at his former post at Agassiz House,

At nearly 80 years old, Securitas-Harvard should not be allowed to torture or bully a loyal servant of the Harvard machine for so much as another minute.

Our thoughts, hopes and prayers are with you Walter. 

I hope you will consider joining our work group in showing support for someone who cares deeply about Harvard University, and the students and staff he has served dutifully for well over a decade here.

Bring one of our strongest allies back to campus to help us fight and win a good contract for ALL of our workers.




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Signatures: 386Next Goal: 500
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