Reinstate Epilepsy Rescue Medication in Schools

Reinstate Epilepsy Rescue Medication in Schools

September 8, 2022
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Started by Michele Lylyk


Update: The voices of many have been heard! Thank you for helping the children and save lives. The Government has reinstated the safety care plans for the children with Epilepsy in schools for their rescue medication and appropriate staff will be trained to help in the case of an emergency. 

Thank you ALL who spoke for the children, we won!

The Government of BC recently removed the safety care plans for many children with Epilepsy regarding their policy for the use of rescue medication in schools for those with Epilepsy.

This means the school will need to call 911 or the parents if the child is having an epileptic seizure.

This means there is a risk to brain damage if rescue medication is not administered within the allotted 5 minutes for a Gran-mal. For some this could even mean death.

For us little 7 year old, Michael Gammel, who has dealt with Myclonic seizures since birth recently began to suffer Grand-mal seizures in March of 2022, lasting over 20 minutes long each and several in a day.

On March 4th, this proved almost fatal when he went unresponsive while in the care of the Pediatric ward at the Abbotsford Regional hospital where he had been admitted. He had to be helicoptered to Children's Hospital in Vancouver BC and was in the hospital for weeks.

We were trained by the Vancouver Children's hospital on how to use the rescue medication to save him when he is having these massive seizures.

We had to utilize the rescue medication several times before he became more stabilized recently. When I say recently, I am referring to only a few months without any seizures.

When Michael was having these massive seizures we waited online for 911 for over 30 minutes (our health care system is severely understaffed). We were able to save him with the rescue medication by the time we got someone he had recovered. Had this been a scenario at school with the care plan removed he could literally be at risk for his life or permanent brain damage, neither is acceptable for any child anywhere.

Please sign the petition to speak for the kids. We are asking the Government to reinstate the care plan for Michael Gammel and for all the children with Epilepsy in schools.


This petition made change with 1,280 supporters!

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