Reimburse Tufts Freshman Living in Modular Housing

Reimburse Tufts Freshman Living in Modular Housing

August 16, 2022
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Started by Max Edelman

150 randomly selected (incoming) freshman at Tufts University are being forced to live in modular housing that is to this day unfinished, and at least 1 of the buildings will remain unfinished by the time students move in on August 31. While all other freshman get the typical college experience, those living on Professor’s Row will have to live in trailer park-like buildings on a tennis court for the entire year due to over-admittance. 

We did not ask to live in these modular dorms, and yet we are still paying the full price for housing tuition, $9,142, the same as all other freshman who get to stay in real dorms.

We commend Tufts for attempting to give student’s housing rather than hotel rooms, but the modular dorms are not a replacement for real first-year college housing experiences that may influence student’s comfort, happiness, and academic ability. Including AC in the dorms is the only up-side to the housing, which says enough about the supposed “modern” quality of the new buildings that Tufts is trying to advertise to ease our discomfort.

In some instances, those that will soon live at the Court have been bullied by our peers for living in “lesser housing” and “shacks”. Others’ perception of us, our own perception of our importance as students, and the school’s ability to accommodate all equally have already started taking a toll on those that are going to live on Professor’s Row.

It is also worth noting that 91 Professor’s Row will not be ready for the start of the school year, causing those students to have to live in separate dorms and re-move once the building is complete. This also subjects 93 and 95 residents to construction noise, unsightly views, and most importantly the loss of opportunity of early friendships with at least one third of their community/dorm members. The construction may continue as classes begin, which will cause immense distraction for students studying or doing homework in what should be their safe, quiet space to work, all due to the noise. While 91 Prof Row residents were reimbursed $500 (not directly, in vouchers) for this, the rest of the community is bitter and upset about the aforementioned circumstances.

It should be a joyous time to transition into Tufts and experience independent life! While it is true that all college freshmen feel worried about the transition to a new home, it is time to address that those subject to living on Professor’s Row are weighted with anxiety exacerbated by to the uncertainty of what life is going to be like in modular housing. 

To remedy our concerns, we ask that Tufts Residential Life/Student Services gives those living on Professor’s Row first pick in housing next year, and that Tufts Financial Aid reimburses the residents of 91, 93, and 95 Professor’s Row for at least $1,000, which is around 10% of the cost of housing per semester, or 5% the cost of living per year. 

If there are financial barriers that prevent Tufts from direct reimbursement, we ask that it is reimbursed to our student IDs, such as JumboCash.

We expect this from Tufts as a way for them to accept responsibility for over-enrollment, and to address the concerns of those who will live in these subpar housing arrangements.

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Signatures: 207Next Goal: 500
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