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Reimburse Gowanus Arts For Damages Done To Their Arts Center & Loss Of Mural Project; Solve Your Own Soundproofing Issues & Leave Our Musicians Alone!


1. Reimburse Gowanus Arts for the thousands of dollars of repairs they have caused our not-for-profit arts center.

2. Reimburse Gowanus Arts for the $38,000 GROUNDSWELL mural that was denied us by the Marriott not following through on their agreement with us.

3. Insist the Marriott leave our drummers and musicians alone, and solve their own soundproofing issues in a mutually satisfactory manner.

It is important to make public the dishonorable, behind-the-scenes actions taken by the Fairfield Marriott and owner/developer Marc Freud and the Troutbook Company.

The new 12-story Fairfield Marriott opened its doors in the Gowanus Arts building’s backyard in 2011. During the demolition and construction phase of this hotel, Troutbrook Company, the owner/developers of this property, caused damage to our building, which they deny and refuse to pay for. Recently, the Marriott General Manager sent one of our teachers (also a drummer) in our building a “help me or else” email, requesting her support in silencing the “noise pollution” that he claims is coming from our building and is causing his clients to lose sleep.

All manner of musicians have found a rehearsal and performance home at Gowanus Arts since 1985, precisely because it IS located in a non-residential, M1 (Manufacturing) zone.

Gowanus Arts has provided a home to artists and arts enthusiasts of all genres since 1985, including musicians of every stripe. Spoke the Hub and Gowanus Arts have been called a "community staple", "neighborhood treasures" and "one of the most exhilirating art spaces in Brooklyn" for our 34 years of artistic trailblazing in this neighborhood.

Please help us protect the rights of Gowanus Arts musicians to practice and play music whenever they wish within our studio walls. It is important to say "no" to this kind of behind-the-scenes, corporate bullying and strong-arming.. It is time that the Fairfield Marriott make amends and becomes the "good neighbors", "community builders", and "arts supporters" that they advertise themselves as.

Help us encourage the Marriott to solve their own sound-proofing issues in a mutually satisfactory way, and demand they reimburse Gowanus Arts not only for the thousands of dollars of damage they have done to our building, but also for the loss of the grant-funded, $38,000 GROUNDSWELL Mural Project offered to our arts center gratis, yet which they caused to be relocated to another site last summer.

Thank you so much for your continued support of the arts and artists who make this one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the country to visit, work, and play in!

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