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Divest from banks that fund the fossil fuel industry!

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As a young person who cares about our planet, I know that we all need to take action to stop climate change. But did you know that REI – a company which prides itself on its commitment to the environment and improving access to the outdoors – uses the same banks which fund fossil fuel projects?

Unless companies like REI lead the way by divesting from the fossil fuel industry, climate change will keep getting worse. Join me in demanding that REI do better by its members and the planet.

It’s because of the support of banks like Wells Fargo and U.S. Bank that projects like the Dakota Access Pipeline are built, cementing us into a future dependent on fossil fuels and climate change. As a young person who will be alive long past the people running these companies and banks, I know that we must immediately change course.

If we continue investing in fossil fuels, my children will likely never know the experience of the winter wonderland I grew up with, nor the beautiful Minnesota landscapes. Climate change is harming our planet and devastating our future on it – and REI is helping.

The sad news is that most of REI’s customers probably don’t know that their money is being stored in banks which then lend it to the fossil fuel industry. The good news is that if enough of us speak out, the company is more compelled than ever to listen!

REI claims to put purpose over its profits, and prioritize environmental stewardship over its bottom line. Join me in demanding that they walk their talk, and lead the way for other companies to divest.

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