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Rehome Fraser Island Dingoes Deemed Dangerous to Durong Dingo Sanctuary STOP KILLING !

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Despite it being illegal, tourists continue to feed Fraser Island Dingoes which can sometimes lead to Dingoes ignoring their natural shy instincts to stay away from humans and beg for food. This causes some Dingoes to become bold and exhibit natural behaviors which humans interpret as aggression.

Unfortunately the Queensland Government ignores the fact that Fraser Island Dingoes are their own unique strain of the Dingo species, which is the purest strain of the Dingo species and have their own unique heritage.

The Queensland Government is killing any Dingo they deem to be aggressive which leads to the thinning of the gene pool and creates instability within the pack/s.

Durong Dingo Sanctuary is Queensland's only Dingo Sanctuary and is proven to be capable of rehoming Dingoes in a safe environment where they can live their lives without posing a threat to themselves or anyone else. Like any pack animal, rehomed Fraser Island Dingoes will find their place in the pack at Durong Dingo Sanctuary and be free to lead a happy life.

The dingoes of Fraser Island have significant conservation value due to their iconic status and because they have rarely interbred with domestic or feral dogs. Dingoes are an apex predator, with their role at the top of the islands’s food chain helping to keep a healthy balance in the natural environment. 

Dingoes Canis Dingo and domestic dogs Canis lupus familiaris may look similar but the Dingo is it's own unique species and not related to Dogs or Wolves. Dingoes differ to domestic dogs in a number of ways. For example, like wolves, coyotes and jackals, dingoes only have pups once a year whereas domestic dogs breed twice annually. Domestic dogs are also exactly that—domestic! This domestication occurred over tens of thousands of years; whereas dingoes remain wild unpredictable animals.

Available data estimates that Fraser Island is home to 25–30 stable dingo packs occupying a defined territory, each pack containing between three and 12 individuals.

Please help stop the Queensland Government killing off Fraser Island's Dingoes and destroying the Island's heritage rather than preserving it as we expect them to do.

Demand aggressive Fraser Island Dingoes be re-homed to During Dingo Sanctuary before it's too late and the next Dingo is killed.

It's not the Dingoes fault if they become aggressive because of Tourists thinking it's a wonderful experience to feed a wild animal on their holidays with no regard to the consequences of their selfish human actions.

Please help save the Fraser Island Dingoes by signing this petition before it's too late!

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