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Rehaul California's Watered Down Toxic Chemicals Initiative

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Two years ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger declared that he would establish a Green Chemistry Initiative to crack down on the eco- and health-hazardous toxins found in everyday consumer products.

Now, after two years of bureaucratic red tape and a last-minute special interest push, the Department of Toxic Substances Control has unveiled a watered-down initiative more geared toward product manufacturers than the ecosystem or public it was supposed to protect.

Under the new regulations, only three segments of products will be subject to review; items with small amounts of bisphenol A and lead will not require oversight; distributors, retailers and importers will be able to do whatever they want with no further review; and manufacturers will have the freedom to hire each other to review the safety level of their products.

This is a serious enough issue to demand real regulations—not the weak, special interest-supported initiative the people have been presented with. Ask the California state government to rehaul the proposed rules before it's too late.

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