Demand an apology by 'Bolton At Home' for aiding a divisive political march in Breightmet

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This is a petition calling for Bolton At Home CEO Jon Lord to issue a public apology for the support that Bolton At Home gave to the political march through Breightmet on Sunday the 10th June. The march was hijacked by the Labour Party and Unison, who shouted political slogans of ‘Refugees Welcome’. Not only was the march divisive, as a social housing provider Bolton At Home damaged the reputation of their tenants with their political support of this march.

Bolton has accepted 27% of refugees under the Gateway Protection Programme for the entire country. The acceptance of further refugees is a decision made by elected members of the council and the support of accepting more refugees is a political statement.

Francesca Platt the Breightmet 2018 Labour party candidate was a leader in the organization of this movement. She also regularly receives work through her company ‘TheVideoBox’ from Bolton At Home where she is based at the Elderdale centre in Breightmet. The hijacking of this event by Labour, Bolton At Home and Unison was done so for political aims, to silence any discussion of leaving the Gateway Protection Programme and to brand any political discussions racist. The exploitation of a victim of a hate crime for political purposes by Labour, Unison and Bolton At Home is not welcome nor morally acceptable.

The demonstration was support by Bolton At Home with meetings prior to the event and the sharing of the event on ‘Breightmet Neighbourhoods’, ‘Breightmet UCAN’ and Withins Action group’. All pages controlled by employees of Bolton At Home that are official pages controlled by them.

Breightmet is a fantastic community of all races, religions and backgrounds in which the children play on the streets with each other and the parents work and socialize. The hijacking of an isolated incident in which the Bolton News stated ‘spate of attacks’ has seriously damaged Breightmets reputation as an unsafe place to live.

We hope that with the support of the community in Breightmet, those who support this petition can demand Jon Lord the CEO of Bolton At Home to issue a public apology and distance himself from further business relations with ‘TheVideoBox’ due to its political associations.