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Keep Beavers, Bobcats and Woodchucks off the RVS list!! Keep them from being illegal in NC

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     North Carolina is proposing several alterations to the current Wildlife Laws and Regulations. Many are for the greater good of the animals, but not all. I respect North Carolina Wildlife Commission’s ideology and their purpose to protect the public, yet, as a Wildlife Rehabilitator, we vow to fight, protect and be the voice the animals.

     North Carolina is in the process of adding Woodchucks (Groundhogs), Beaver and Bobcats to the RVS (Rabies Vector List). Current species on this list are Raccoons, Skunks, Foxes, Coyotes and Bats. This means that it will be illegal for a North Carolina Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator to offer assistance or rehabilitate the proposed animals. Upon intake, legally, we have to euthanize these animals or contact Animal Control to euthanize them for us. Could you imagine having to kill a baby Raccoon, Woodchuck or Fox because of the species it was born? Because of a possible virus? More often than not, when someone finds an injured, orphaned or compromised animal, they will attempt to get the animal help. When the person discovers it is illegal for a Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator in North Carolina to help, they will either cross state lines, which can spread zoonotic diseases to areas that were not previously exposed or they are going to care for the animal themselves. This puts not only their lives at risk, but also the lives of their children and family, friends and domestic pets. Rabies Vector Species are animals that have a higher risk of contracting rabies than other species. Rabies is classified as zoonotic. Most people are unfamiliar with wildlife, the dangers of imprinting of the animals and possible zoonotic diseases which are risk factors to humans and animals. Most zoonotic diseases spread by wildlife can also be transferred to humans via their domestic pets and vice versa.

     First, let’s talk about Rabies. From the years 2006 to 2016, according to The Center of Disease Control in North Carolina (CDC), more Cows were reported contracting the virus then Woodchucks, Beavers and Bobcats combined. Within the 10-year combination, CDC stated these rabies statistics per species: Beavers - 4, Bobcats - 20 and Woodchucks - 1. However, Cows – 45, Dogs – 40 and Cats – 199. If we do not stand up for these species, they will be automatically euthanized due to the possibility of one day obtaining or becoming a carrier of rabies. They are not all rabid, nor are Raccoons. The possibility is higher. Meanwhile, current species on the RVS list are more consistently tested than those who are not, making the numbers appear to be heightened then for example, that of feral cats.

     How to we help? By signing this petition and writing to to prevent the proposed species to be added to the list. A life is a life. It is purposeless to euthanize all animals of a certain species when we can potentially vaccinate and protect them. Vaccinating is a much better solution than killing.

     There is no guarantee that by signing this petition that they will omit the idea of adding the species to the list, although it may help open the dialogue for discussion. Currently, the observation of the October 26, 2017 hearing that took place in Raleigh, NC, there was no room for discussion to prevent these animals from being added.
     By signing, you are stating that you DO NOT believe these animals should be illegal to help and they should not be killed due to their species and possible afflictions. You DO NOT want these species added as RVS. In your comments, please attempt to add tactical solutions in order to reduce the rabies virus, meanwhile, protecting the animals.

    NC Wildlife Rehab accepted over 600 small mammals into our rehabilitation program since late February until mid-October of the year 2017. These are our thoughts of decreasing rabies and increasing the protection to the public.

     If North Carolina would allow a minimum of one Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator to rehab these species per county, we can help keep them out of the hands of the public and reduce the likelihood of the animal crossing state lines while reducing the risk of exposure to that area. While in captivity, the RVS would be dewormed, vaccinated against rabies and other preventable zoonotic diseases. Although this would an immense financial drain to the rehabilitator, it would protect the public while reducing health care costs associated with inflictions, diseases, and possible viruses spread by wildlife. The designated RVS Rehabilitator would be open for random facility checks to ensure proper measurements are taken in regards to the rehabilitator, volunteers and animals. All vaccinations would be documented and kept up-to-date for all individuals that would be exposed to the RVS animals. A test of zoonotic diseases should also be administered to all Rehabilitators participating.      

    Also, in lieu of adding the proposed species to the list, it is possible for North Carolina partake in distributing rabies vaccination packets dropped from aircraft. These packets (similar to ketchup packets) are consumed by wildlife which protects them from contracting the virus.

The Comment period of comments/suggestions on these topics end on December 1, 2017.Please sign the petition and contact NC Wildlife Resources Commission via email Please add your name, phone number and mailing address to your email. Or mail a letter to

Rule-making Coordinator

N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission

1701 Mail Service Center

Raleigh, NC 27699-1701

Thank you for helping us help the animals.

One life can save thousands, be that ONE life!

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