Regulate Private School Fees In India

Regulate Private School Fees In India

4 April 2021
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Why this petition matters

Right to Education is a Fundamental Right and Education is a basic necessity of life. In order to bring education to every child Government has allowed Private Entities to run schools as charitable institutions. But these Private Schools have resorted to charge exorbitant fees for every child from their parents, so much that, cost of education has become the major expenditure of every family and households.

Even during the extremely difficult time of Pandemic like COVID-19 Private schools are charging the same high fees and threatening children's and parents to pay the fees by various means inhumanly.

We at AIPA - All India Parents Association & NPUSPTA - National Pre-University Students, Parents and Teachers Association, are constantly receiving lots of complaints from the parents regarding these inhuman treatment by Private Schools by charging exorbitant fees for their child.

After lots of discussions, feedbacks and studies we have decided to formulate a Single Nationwide Policy to regulate the School Fees to be charged by Unaided Private Schools in India to put an End to Commercialization of Basic Education. Accordingly our National President Adv. Shri. Ashok Agarwal has drafted a "Unaided Private Schools (Regulation of Collection of Fee) Act, 2021" (you can read the draft copy here ). Also, we propose to develop a "Standardized Scientific Statistical Module" to calculate school fees and fix "MSF - Maximum School Fees" to be collected from each student at private schools.

We urge All elected MP's including Prime Minister and Union Education Minister, MLA's and MLC's to propose or table this bill for discussion on Parliament and at respective State Assembly and formulate an Nationwide Single Act to regulate school fees in Unaided private Schools Across India and bring "MSF - Maximum School Fees" to prevent private schools from charging exorbitant fees.

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Signatures: 2,298Next Goal: 2,500
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