Regulate all Veterinary Services properly

Regulate all Veterinary Services properly

1. Juni 2022
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Gestartet von Caroline Mottram

On Sunday 21st May our little Netherland Dwarf rabbit Munchie was continuing to be poorly after having seen our own vet on the Friday before. 

We attended our out of hours service which is run by private company Vets Now. 

We were told he needed an emergency scan to check for a blockage and once this had been established, this would determine his next treatment.
Our rabbit was in pain and not eatting or passing faeces as he was in GI stasis, which is commonly fatal for rabbits.

We were given no other treatment options  even when we clearly stated we did not want him to be kept in over night. (He was a nervous rabbit and the last thing I would want is for him to suffer and be frightened). 
We were told he must have the scans urgently before they could do anything else.
When you are in the throes of panic and want to help your pet and have no knowledge of how to do it, you have no option but to trust the vet and what they say.  

We reluctantly left our rabbit with the vets. We did not want to do this. This was at 12:40pm . We called at 6:30 for an update. 
We were told he had not had his scans and he had been having fluids and blood tests. I expressed my horror that they had been poking and prodding him for so many hours and questioned why his treatment was being delayed when they had said it was urgent. Their excuse - sorry we are busy. I asked for my rabbit back. They fobbed me off. We asked to visit. They fobbed us off. I asked them to stop poking him for blood - they did not listen. 

Throughout that night it was a battle to get any information. Each time we were told sorry we are busy. We even had the phone out down on us. 
We requested to collect Munchie. They refused, even after they said he was medically fit. 
He endured 14 hours of torture being poked for bloods etc in an environment which he would have found terrifying before he could have his scans. 
He died shortly afterwards when the vets went to write their notes and he was found dead. Alone in a kennel. On 23rd May 2022. After the worst night of his little life. 

Following this traumatising experience, I did a lot of research.

There are approx 24000 vets in the UK.

I have found that shockingly 99% of complaints about vets have an unresolved outcome.
That’s just 1% that ever are held responsible for their practice.

This is due to the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966. The Act states that the evidence for upholding complaints about conduct must be “beyond all reasonable doubt”, yes the same as if it was for murder. Poor practice is not dealt with. Reflective practice not encouraged. 

Complaints about individual vets go to Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. 
These complaints get dropped because it is unlikely you will have the level of proof legally required. 

Legislation changed in 1999 and made way for corporations to buy up profitable veterinary practices and provide services at the expense of our pets. They have a free reign and are able to do what they like. 

Most veterinary practices in the UK are owned by holding companies with links to bigger companies who conveniently have financial interests in pet food, pharmaceuticals and insurance companies.

Vets Now is owned by IVC Evidensia. One of their main share holders is Nestlé Purina. 

Unbelievable, Veterinary services are NOT regulated. 

These points highlight why complaints about veterinary services and vets go unresolved, without even any improvements being made when their are failings. 

This is not good enough for our companion animals. Being trusted with the care and wellbeing of animals as your profession means you should act professionally and take responsibility for your actions. As individuals and as businesses providing veterinary services, you should be striving to maintain the welfare of all animals and you should advise owners accordingly. 

I am campaigning to get this matter discussed again in parliament so that legislation can be updated to reflect the standards that people expect for their pets and for the service they receive. Other professionals have to do this, why not vets? Why are are the big corporations using our pets to make pounds? 
Why are the vets who conduct themselves with integrity and have pride in their work having their profession decimated due to outdated legislation. 

This topic has not been discussed since 2008 in parliament. Legislation was not changed. We are supposed to be a nation of animal lovers. 

No pet should have to suffer needlessly like my poor Munchie and thousands of other beloved pets. 

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