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Regular Telecast of CID

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It's enough now! we've been demanding for the REGULAR TELECAST of a show which has been there in the channel since 20 YEARS! I would like to ask every one working for SONY TV, how can you IGNORE a show which has been there for you when your channel wasn't even known to others? We all know how CID has helped SONY TV to get this successful....

Friends, all of us know that CID is still very popular among masses and the popularity of CID is also used to promote many opera shows and movies. Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Sunny Deol, Ajay Devgan,and various other Film Stars gave their appearance time to time. ACP Pradyuman (Shivaji Satam), Abhijeet (Aditya Srivastava) and Daya (Dayanand Shetty) are an elite trio of officers and with the team of Forensic doctors, form the core group with other officers. CID's entry in The Limca Book of Records and Guinness Book of World Records brought viewers to SONY ENTERTAINTMENT TELEVISION (SET) and contributed towards the success of Sony TV’s TRP. To mobilize public sentiments attached with CID, Sony Entertainment television (SET)  had launched CID: Gallantry Awards, on 26 January 2010 Republic Day. CID had many crossover episodes. SONY ENTERTAINTMENT TELEVISION (SET) on 10 July 2015, had announced the Shaatir LekhakContest which was responded by around 11000+ entries from all over India. ACP Pradyuman and Abhijeet, Daya and Freddy, are so popular that they have become household names. REDIFF gave the series 4.5/5 stars, and TOI gives 4.2/5 Stars rating. The CID show also airs in different regional languages like Tamil and Telugu classic contradiction from Hindi to Southern Languages!!!!. What more? it has viewers in other countries as well and is especially loved by the neighbouring countries Bangladesh and Pakistan too!

SONY ENTERTAINTMENT TELEVISION (SET) was aware that CID can attract more viewers and TRP for their channel and still they try to put another show on CID's time slot which they had already postponed by 30mins . We get to see repeats of all other damn shows whether liked by the audience or not.... but not a single repeat of CID. This is not fair. We, CIDians, feel highly cheated and are left frustrated.

Is it that the SONY ENTERTAINTMENT TELEVISION (SET) is not taking public opinion in account?

The TRP is built up with viewership only. If the CID is attracting a good amount of TRP then what is the reason that SONY ENTERTAINTMENT TELEVISION (SET) should not respect public view and opinion?

CAN any channel survive without pool of dedicated viewers?

Jago SONY TV Jago….Don’t harass your viewers…. Don’t disappoint your viewers….Don’t disrespect your viewers opinion.

All CIDians should support CID and sign this if they really care about their beloved show which has been airing since 1998. This has happened before also and at that time, SONY ENTERTAINTMENT TELEVISION (SET) had accepted that  CID is a too popular a show to take a break and soon after that CID was aired again and SONY ENTERTAINTMENT TELEVISION (SET) apologized to the viewers (see here--> )….

Apologizing for something means that the mistake will not be repeated but SONY ENTERTAINTMENT TELEVISION (SET) repeated  over and over again! Even after 2 years since this mess started taking place, you apologize also and still fill the viewers. We have to see the exact and correct time of the telecast from time to time on the website ( At a moment it will air and then the very next moment it's thrown out of the schedule. The recent regular telecast although always delayed by 15-20 mins also fetched a substantial amount of TRP without any promotion and only on a fan basis. Shows like this with dedicated audience are rare to find and are a treasure to the country.Stop this injustice and give CID what it deserves…………………………….

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