SoS - Dogs in IIT Madras Campus needs to be released & not caged or relocated

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The Registrar, Indian Institute of Technology, (IIT Madras), Chennai


The Secretary, Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI), Faridabad, India 


Subject: Representation seeking release of captured stray Dogs on IIT-Madras campus

Recently we have come across numerous news reports and television coverage of IIT-M capturing and confining stray Dogs on its campus which have already been sterilized, in the guise of conducting sterilization.

As Animal Welfare & Rights Activists, We are well aware of the situation that has unfolded at the IIT-M campus and We are sending this appeal to you in my our personal capacity and draw your attention to the cruelty that is being inflicted on these dogs.

From our friends and well-wishers who are residents of IIT-M, We reliably understand that over 170 dogs, which are already sterilized, fully vaccinated and dependent on humans for food were all caught over 20-25 days ago and have been kept under confinement since then. We also understand that an NGO from Nagercoil called Karunya have been entrusted with the task of sterilizing these dogs. We are unable to find any details of a Tender floated for this purpose and I fail to understand why an NGO from Nagercoil, which barely has any experience has been chosen by a premier institute like IIT-M when IIT-M already has contracts in place with Blue Cross of India to sterilize dogs on campus on a regular basis.

The news articles on this issue states that IIT-Madras has captured these dogs to neuter/spay them. We are aware that of the 177 dogs on campus, over 170 dogs have already been neutered and their vaccinations are up to date. All these dogs are assigned names and various individuals are designated to feeding them. We fail to understand why these dogs, some of them over 8-9 years old, have been captured and put in one enclosure. It is a fact that dogs are territorial animals and confining 170 dogs in one space can be extremely traumatizing for them and even result in death for some of the dogs. The individuals who are feeding the dogs have not been permitted to even see or feed the dogs and the entire situation is shrouded in secrecy. Being a public institution, IIT-Madras is violating the law of the land by treating the dogs on campus with extreme cruelty. These dogs have been spayed/neutered and capturing and inflicting cruelty upon them is a punishable offence under relevant provisions of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and Indian Penal Code. As a premier educational institution, IIT-Madras owes a duty of care to these animals and cannot continue the cruel treatment meted out to them.

IIT-M ought to release these dogs immediately as they are being confined for no reason. As stated above, the fact that an NGO from Nagercoil has been engaged for sterilizing dogs is also opaque and violates various laws stipulating transparency in tender process.

We also call upon you to immediately release these 170 dogs to their original locations within the IIT-M campus and not harm them in any manner and/or release them in any other place than in their original locations

Thank You

Please do the needful.
Yours truly,