Recall GOP County Commissioner Ron Beaty, Jr.

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County Commissioner Ron Beaty Jr has proven himself not only ineffective, but a harmful addition to the County government of Cape Cod. With his wildly divisive attitude, and dismissal of constituent concerns, he has shown an ineptitude that is truly remarkable in it's overtness. 

With his evident lack of knowledge regarding aquaculture and environmental issues ( willfull ignorance of the insidious and prevalent issue of sexual harassment and violence ( and more recently, his atrocious attacks on gun violence victims ( this felon needs to be recalled from elected office, and told in no uncertain terms that this reprehensible behavior is completely unacceptable in civil discourse, especially as an elected official seeking higher office (

While there is currently no provision for recall of county commissioners, the hope is to incite conversation and create pressure to amend our local County Charter to include such a provision.

Please sign and share, for decency and civility in government, especially local government. Cape Cod needs representative government. This is not representative of who we are.