Please stop posting horrible images of mangled cars

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Our local news has always stated that our community is what matters most. They say they are always in support of a better Region 8. Yet they pay no attention to pleas and comments from locals who have repeatedly asked them to STOP posting pictures of every car accident in the area. They have absolutely no filter for this either. They have posted pictures of cars smashed completely together and then in the attached headline stated that the person driving the horribly mangled vehicle was killed. No one needs or wants to see this! It's time they are forced to listen to the people they claim to care about! NO MORE PICTURES OF CAR ACCIDENTS!! That vehicle was holding someone's wife, mother, daughter, or friends. Someone's husband, father, brother, and friend died an hour after you posted the picture of the red pick-up truck mangled on the back of the wrecker. They move on to the next story a minute later, but the family and friends of the 22 year old girl whose yellow eclipse was shown smashed in from the front, sitting on the back of the wrecker on the highway she died on, is still coping with the loss a year and a half later. By signing this petition you are showing KAIT8 that you are personally bothered or affected by the graphic pictures of the managled vehicles they continue to post on their page. The image attached is just a small collection of photos they have posted in the last year. All of these people are or were members of our local community.

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