UCSB Spring Quarter Tuition Adjustment

UCSB Spring Quarter Tuition Adjustment

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Started by Yasamin Salari

UCSB and Chancellor Yang have taken preventative measures to address the COVID-19 pandemic with the university's greatest resources.Yet, students have been left with many unanswered questions and concerns. Although the Chancellor’s follow up email yesterday provided some more information, many students are still confused with the status of their on-campus jobs, university fees (e.g.ProctorU, DACA recipients, CLAS, Spring Quarter tuition, etc.), and the larger miscommunication between departments, faculty, and students.

As per the Chancellor’s email, UC Santa Barbara will transition to remote instruction, tentatively for the month of April. There has been little to no information (or acknowledgement) that is being directly communicated to the student body on how students with limited access to readily available broadband, computers, and etc. will be affected. 

What is important to note is tuition. Every quarter students pay a portion of tuition per their residency, broken down below:

-- California residents pay $4,796.9 (in-state tuition); 

-- Non-residents pay $14,714.9 (out-of-state tuition);

-- International students pay $21,883.6 (international tuition). 

Although I understand these are extraordinary and unforeseen circumstances, I want to address and ensure that the education we are receiving is reflected in our tuition costs. Many of the services we pay through our tuition every quarter will be limited, many of which will not be used by most students who will not be on campus. Some of these fees and services include: the transit system fee of $13.3, UCEN expansion fee of $20.2, events center fee of $12, recreation center fee of $70.04, and many more. 

Many of our students, including myself, have the added burden of moving out, figuring out logistics for online courses, and paying rent in Isla Vista (despite students being asked not to return if they are travelling during spring break).

I am calling on you for your help.

I have emailed the university inquiring about possible tuition adjustments for Spring Quarter. I was met with silence and no response. I’m hoping to use this platform to place more pressure on the administration to place emphasis and priority on an issue that will affect not just me, but all students, financially, mentally, and physically. I’m sure any bit of reduction in tuition fees could help students out a lot. If you’ve had similar concerns please share this and sign the petition so we can at the very least get a response. 









7,018 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!