Regal Employee Benefits returned

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Regal/Cineworld recently made changes regarding the benefits their employees receive. Formerly, employees were granted free movie tickets on a daily basis (2 passes a day) and now employees are being limited to only 2 passes weekly, thus taking approximately 12 movie passes from deserving employees every week. They still offer the same discounts on their concession items, but tell us why would we need concessions if we cannot see movies?  

Regal has taken one of the only things they give to their underpaid staff, they have done so without offering anything in return, employees are still receiving minimum wage whilst other competitors are compensating their staff at higher rates.  Regal offers no further incentives to be employed by the mega corporation.  

All we ask is for our free movie tickets to be resumed, how can a company offer almost nothing to their staff and then take it away with the snap of their fingers? Do you agree?