Regal Cinemas: Bring Cosplay Back To The Movies

Regal Cinemas: Bring Cosplay Back To The Movies

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Brandon Waite started this petition to 7132 Regal Lane Knoxville, TN 37918 United States Regal Cinemas Corporation and
Following the 2012 theater shooting in Aurora Colorado, Regal Cinemas created a policy banning admittance to any movie goers wearing props, face paint, masks, or even capes.

The current policy of Regal Cinemas:

The problem with this policy is that many audience members are huge fans of the films they see and attend premieres in costume to share their love of film. In the age of video streaming and digital piracy, movie goers do not need to attend a movie at a theater to see it. They go for the experience.

Fans and cosplayer/costumers are not violent criminals.

They are the biggest profit generators of movies, especially on opening weekend. We purchase tickets as soon as they are available, and we see films in theaters multiple times, and are happy to purchase concessions and merchandise as part of our experience.

Not allowing us to share our love of the movies by attending in costumes that we have spent many hours and money on, a tradition that has been part of the movie going experience for many decades, alienates us from your theater. There are other means to see a movie, and other theaters we could attend, where our love of film and desire to express will not make us feel alienated. We attend movies at Regal Cinemas by choice, for the positive experience we hope it will bring.

Regal Cinemas needs to amend their policy and attitude toward movie goers attending in costume. We understand the safety concerns in reaction to the tragedy that occurred in 2012 and are willing to work on a solution that does not alienate Regal Cinema's largest profit generating audience: fans.

Allow people to attend in cosplay/costumes. Allow them to dress up as their favorite characters. Allow them to wear safe non firing legal props, face paint and masks with identification and capes.

Not allowing capes is a redundancy that further alienates Regal Cinema's largest profit generating audience. They are not weapons or props. They do not conceal one's identity. They are no more dangerous then a long coat.

Concerts check bags and ID's at the door. It's a common practice. Regal Cinemas could adopt this practice and check props and identification when tickets are taken, thus providing a safe solution that does not alienate their biggest profit generating audience.

Regal Cinemas has seen a decline in attendance over the past several years, due in part to other theaters that do not have as strict of a policy regarding theater admittance. Allowing fans to come in costume will help attendance rise, especially if fan events for films with huge fanbases (such as Marvel, DC, Disney, etc.) are encouraged to attend in costume and host character appearances and even costume contests in the lobby will generate far greater attendance to the theater.

Regal Cinemas: Please amend your admittance policy to allow cosplayers to attend in their hard earned costumes, enhancing everyone's movie going experience.

Fans Everywhere

I am a well known cosplayer and actor who has been attending premieres in costume since 1999. I co-founded a fairly successful non-profit organization that dresses up as various pop culture characters to attend charity events, children's hospitals, and other events in the community in Boise Idaho.

We have been present at every Marvel premiere in our local movie theaters in costume, promoting the films and interacting with the community. Our group event pages for these premieres has helped draw hundreds of audience members to any theater we attend in costume. Many people are excited to see us for the premiere of Avengers: Endgame including small children, some of which are terminally ill and this could very well be the last superhero movie they will see in theaters...

Regal Cinemas will not allow us or others in costume admittance into the theater with our costumes. This prevents us from providing a positive experience for fans and our service to the community and children and children at heart within it.
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