Refund the UNJUST Revaluation Fees (Mumbai University)

Refund the UNJUST Revaluation Fees (Mumbai University)

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The Mumbai University (MU) made Rs.7.52 crores by collecting fees for Revaluation and Rs.41 lakhs for Photocopy of answer sheets in the past three years. Though this enormous amount of money was collected by MU, it is important for us to hold such public offices accountable. 

An examiner is paid at the rate of Rs.25 per answer book for revaluation and Rs.200 as local travelling allowance per day (Rule 43 of the VCD 1 of 2016), whereas the amount collected from the students is Rs.500 (Rs.250 for Reserved Category) for each subject.

This furthers that the Mumbai University has amassed a huge wealth from needy students by compelling them to apply for Revaluation and Photocopy, as many of them are wrongly declared ‘failed’ in the first assessment.

It should be noted that out of the 2.19 lakhs students who had applied for revaluation between 2014 and 2016, a striking number of 73,000 students (i.e. 30%) had passed after revaluation. Besides those 30% who passed, there were many who could see a huge change in their marks which would further bring the tally of the percentage to another striking figure. Such statistics exposes the blatant arbitrariness with which the answer sheets are checked during the first assessment, only to compel students to apply for Revaluation and increase the funds of the University.

Recently, it was revealed that the University does not provide a Model Answer Key to its examiners which can bring uniformity in the answer-script checking mechanism. We question them as to how would they justify this arbitrary answer-script marking which rests completely on the whims and fancies of the examiners.

The exorbitant fees charged from students should be noticed without any delay as lakhs of students are left back with only two options; if one fails then he/she is left with no immediate remedy than to send the answer-script for Revaluation while the other option is to sit over the erroneous first assessment as he/she would not be in a position to pay up an amount, as huge as this.

Here, it is important to remark that when a Reserved Category Student is required to pay a fees of Rs.280 for the entire year, the student has to pay Rs.250 for Revaluation of one subject that too because of the mistake of the university.

Besides monetary problems, there exists an aura of problems which can affect the entire career of the students. For example, law students aspiring to appear for the Maharashtra State Judicial Service exams would be barred to apply for three years from passing out LLB, if the candidate has been unable to clear all the subjects in their first attempt.

At times, the entire process becomes nothing more than a mess where the students move on to pay Rs.100 for Photocopy (for one subject), Rs.500 for Revaluation (for one subject) and thereafter, they await for the timely publication of Revaluation Results which often disappoints them and compels them to move into paying another Rs.500 for ATKT (Allowed To Keep Term) examinations. To this end, it should be further stressed that some MU colleges out rightly refuse to refund the ATKT fees, if a candidate has appeared in ATKT exam but later passes in Revaluation Result.

Another stunt of MU and the colleges under it was to not allow the OBC students to avail the benefit of 50% fees concession for Photocopy and Revaluation as mandated by the Vice-Chancellor’s Statutory Directions (Rule 10 and Rule 32 of VCD 4637 of 2010 & Rule 12 and Rule 32 of VCD 1 of 2016). This has exposed MU’s money-mindedness and has further exposed the many potholes that they continue to hide from the authorities who inspect them.

In fact, MU’s track record is poorer than what is represented. Audit Reports for past few years (from 2012 onwards) have not been made available to the public which is due to non-completion of Audit. MU is devoid of being a patient ear to the wastage of time, money, effort and other vital resources that are lost in the entire process that just brings down the name of the University which is one of the first state universities in the entire country having the nation’s most valued institutions of educational expertise.

We demand stern disciplinary action to be taken against the persons responsible for such misdeeds and immediate refund of all such undue and unfairly collected amounts.

Our Recommendations to the University would be to further the process of Digitisation by the university, whereby photocopies may be available online by cutting down the inordinate delays and wastage of paper. We also want the expeditious publication of Revaluation Results, after which the students should be expected to fill up their forms for the ATKT exams.

Further recommendation would be to increase the faculties in every department in order to resolve the overburdened scenario and also acknowledge their efforts with due respect by increasing their remuneration.


Come join us in our endeavours to revamp the Mumbai University!!!

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