Refund or Replacement to the Consumer, in the case of a New DEFECTIVE Car

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Those were the exciting moments for me & my family, when I decided to purchase a new car for my son. I purchased the Renault KWID Climber 1.0 RXT on 27-Sep-2017 from RENAULT Delhi East. While driving the brand-new Car back home, my ordeal started .

Summary of the critical defects found in the brand-new car from day-1 itself:

  1. Steering of the brand new car started vibrating and making frightening sound.
  2. Clutch noise while shifting of the gears
  3. Rusting on various parts like front-wheels, OBD connecter, Spare wheel etc
  4. Extremely poor Performance 

The above issues were formally reported with Renault India customer care. We were advised to take the vehicle to Renault's Dealership. After 1 day, the vehicle was taken to Renault's Dealership. But some of the problems could not be closed even till-date. Matter was escalated to Renault's higher management . We highlighted our concerns and requested Renault India to either Refund or Replace their defective product. The request was rejected by Renault India stating the reason that as per the exisitng law, they are bound to repair or replace any defective part according to Warranty terms but will not be able to Replace the vehicle or Refund the price of the car. Similar problems are being faced helplessly by millions of other Indian Citizens. 

In India, we can get the refund for Pizza if delivery is delayed by even 5 minutes. Similarly, with eCommerce Giants like Amazon & Flipkart, a person gets hassle-free return of a product if not satisfied within a given period of time. However, I bought the car worth INR 5 lakhs with defects found from day-1 . But even after more than 6 months of harassment by the manufacturer company, I am sitting with the defective product which cannot be used.

Urgently an immediate enforcement of strict and mandatory legal guidelines is required for Car manufacturers to abide on the same lines as 'Return Policies' followed by the eCommerce businesses like Flipkart, Amazon, Pizza Hut, Dominos etc. Any violation should carry a very stringent penalty that should work as deterrent for the Car manufacturer and stop them from being harassing the bonafide customer. Need is to invoke a very high degree of fear in the Car companies so that they do not dare to violate such amended legal guidelines . Any violation should additionally carry a very heavy penalty for which the Consumer courts should be given extended power to grant such decisions. Also, amendments are required to be made in the "Warranty Terms & Conditions" , their Interpretations and the Legal Implications while keeping the Consumer's interest in-mind .