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Associated Humane Society, Newark, REMOVE ROSE TREZZA, Executive Dir. & STOP the KILLING!

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A recent inspection of the Associated Humane Societies Newark Facility shows nothing but abuse and neglect at the hands of those that run the Newark Facility.  

Please sign the Petition to have Roseann Trezza, Executive Director of the Associated Humane Society removed from her position and charged with Animal Abuse and Neglect.

In part the inspection reads:

"There were bags of dead animal carcasses that had attracted a swarm of flies and were placed inside the gate adjacent to the dogs housed in the outdoor enclosures."

"There were additional bags of carcasses and trash stored in a red shopping cart in this same area that were also covered with flies."

"A brindle pit mix housed in kennel number 124 in the main kennel area of the facility, appeared listless and had thick green nasal discharge (pictures 3105 and 3106). This dog was not seen by a veterinarian and was not receiving medical care and was not moved to an isolation room."

And tragically, there's more.

The pound in Newark, NJ, run by the Associated Humane Societies (AHS), has long been a mismanaged, cruel, filthy house of horrors. A recent inspection by the state shows little has changed:

Remember Patrick, the dog who was starved and left for dead in Newark back in 2011? This is the very same "shelter" that wanted to take Patrick from the veterinarians who saved his life and adopted him so AHS could make money of of him indefinitely. In fact, they sued the veterinarians arguing that Patrick was not even a dog, but simply “trademark registration number 23699” which they described as a “very valuable brand for commercial exploitation and fundraising.” Thankfully, AHS lost and the veterinarians won. It is no exaggeration to say Patrick dodged a bullet. The ones who they actually get their hands on are not so lucky.

This is YOUR animal shelter, the one that blames YOU for the killing.

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