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Reform Intake, Adoption, and Euthanasia Policies At NYC ACC

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All animal control across the country are in need of serious reform, but the New York ACC are slaughterhouses, taking in many, many cats and dogs surrendered by owners willingly and shortly euthanize them. Anywhere from 15-25+ cats and dogs are put on the list each day and killing can begin as soon as 6 am.

Volunteers and workers in the NYC ACC centers post profiles of them online so people can rescue them, this is hardcore cataloging and it is terrifying to watch as the profiles are taken down and put into "Gone but Not Forgotten" albums.

The ACC should be networking, contacting independent rescues and groups in the area to literally outsource former housecats and dogs that are surrendered or seized to ease the shelters intake. We suggest animals that are already neutered and spayed, ASPA tattooed individuals, overweight and in the case of cats, declawed and any animal that  show signs of former ownership should be the first to be filtered out. Animals over the age of 5 and elderly animals should be top priority into getting them into rescue. Adopting a program focused on fostering could help filter these former pets out of the shelters keeping in-house animal numbers lower and more managable. Adding in longer periods for adoption and windows for rescues to coordinate pick-up, cleaner facilities for URIs, low cost spay & neuter for the public and more emphasis on education for spaying and neutering also need to implemented.

Owners who turn in pets over need to be properly flagged and assement of the animal needs to be done as too many "strays" are obviously former pets being dumped and people are lying on their sheets. A list of rescues and organizations should be provided for people to contact and the shelter needs to be upfront about their animal's chances.  If cats and dogs show signs of neglegence as many of them do, criminal action should be followed suit for negligence against those dropping them off if they are indeed the owner.

There are people wanting to come rescue these animals, but there is so much red tape in order to pull from them via rescue not to mention an absurd time for arranging rescue, when most people sleep, it is almost impossible to do so and often times it is too late. Sure rules are there for some reasons, zealous rescuers can be a problem. But it shouldn’t be this hard. Forming a network with rescues across the NYC region and beyond can only strengthen the shelter's efficientcy and means pets could quickly be filtered out of their centers, and instead the ACC can they can dedicate their time with the extremely feral and extremely sick instead of being congested with sulking former pets.

New York City is supposed to be a model of excellence and is one of America’s most iconic of cities. Our crown jewel of culture. You would think, then there would be more anger for such inadequate and heartless practices and underfunding. I highly urge people to support the call for change. New Yorkers, I urge you to take a look at the animals in need;

Please find it in your heart to reform the way the ACC centers work.  Open up to rescuers and form a network instead of a self contained entity whose cyclical methods are not working. If NYC can clean up its act, then many other shelters along the East Coast will copy or mimic your methods. NYC is a point of reference and we need it to change. Please open up discussion and negotiation. Please reform your shelters. Build new better ones. Be more compassionate.

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