Reform America's Uncredentialed Adoption Industry

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This petition is going to both a federal and state by state level. This means even though you may see one name, it's actually addressed to each state Senate, House, and the respective governors, along with others. 

The adoption industry in the United States is a multibillion dollar industry that is less regulated than the real estate industry. It has has no oversight and is not credentialed. While most of society views adoption only as a good thing, there are many practices within the adoption industry that need immediate revamping. These practices are listed below. We, the petitioners, are calling for immediate change on all of them. This petition is written by an adoptee. Adoptees understand adoption the best because we live it. 

1. The adoption industry and state governments allow pregnant children as young as age thirteen to give up a baby for adoption without any trusted adult in their life knowing. We call for an immediate ban on this and that any minor under the age of eighteen who is thinking of giving up their baby  must have their parent(s), legal guardian, or biological relatives who adopted them part of the process. If the minor is abused by the people raising her, with proof, then another adult within her family of a reasonable age must be present at the adoption plan. Children in middle school who need a hall pass to use the bathroom, should never be allowed to walk into an adoption agency, email an adoption agency, or have conversations of any kind with an adoption agency without a trusted adult knowing.  

2. The adoption industry and state governments allow for pre-birth consent. This makes a baby property of the state before birth and does not give the mother time to truly find help. It also mimicks slavery in making a person, although pre born, property. We demand that pre-birth consent is abolished in every state and all US territories. No girl or woman would therefore be able to sign adoption papers when pregnant. Pregnancy brings on many emotions and hormones and a woman or teenage girl is not in the position to make drastic life altering changes for herself and her child. She needs to first see and hold her child. She also needs to be given the chance to see if her own family will take legal guardianship or adopt the child, such as an aunt and uncle or grandmother, if she herself still isn't willing or able to parent. Often times, family steps into help once they themselves hold and see the baby. 

3. The adoption industry tricks girls and women by claiming there is such a thing as open adoption. The truth is open adoption is currently not legally enforceable. Even if it were under current law it still gives no rights to the biological parents which means currently biological parents can't do anything when an open adoption closes; nationally over 75% do within five years. Make open adoption legally enforceable in all fifty states and US territories. Furthermore, making open adoption legally enforceable must include giving the biological mother and biological father legally enforced say in how often they can contact their adopted out child be it through emails, photos, letters, and visitations provided neither of them has been convicted of a violent crime or is currently under the influence of drugs. Open adoption always benefits the child. It is not always about visitations between the biological parent and the child. If, for example, the biological mother (or biological father) is addicted to drugs the child still benefits from seeing his or her biological siblings, cousins, grandparents, etc. 

4. Currently Utah allows women and girls to give up their babies for adoption behind the backs of the babies' law abiding fathers including men and teenage boys who have signed the original birth certificate. This must stop. Girls and women are even flown to Utah. We demand that this practice cease in Utah. It is outright discrimination of men and boys who are law abiding and want to be a father. It is also detrimental to the child as a child must belong with biological family unless abuse or neglect is present. We demand in Utah this practice become illegal because nobody should be making a profit off of adoption (ie agencies) when a baby's father wants to raise, nurture, and support his own child including teenage fathers.

5. Currently adoptive parents are allowed in the delivery room, hospital waiting room, birthing center, etc. This is a manipulative tactic done by the adoption industry to make the vulnerable, scared, and desperate pregnant girl/woman feel guilty if she changes her mind. It also discourages immediate bonding between natural mother and newborn because the potential adoptive couple is there often holding the baby first, discouraging breastfeeding, saying "our son" "our daughter" and other tactics. We demand that adoptive parents not be allowed into the delivery room or hospital. This will give mothers the chance to bond with their babies and be given the time to decide if they want to back out. We also ask that each state extend their time frame of how long a mother has to change her mind.

6. First mothers are the biggest demographic for PTSD, more than combat veterans, but the least likely to get proper counseling. Nearly all have PTSD and/or depression.  They also have the highest rate of secondary infertility. Post adoption they are three times more likely to becom drug addicts than women who did not lose a baby to adoption. Many are victims of manipulative counseling from adoption agencies with comments such as "you were only the vessel" and "you'll forget about it once you get married and have children" and "it'll get easier with time". Most biological mothers do not receive counseling. Biological mothers are more prone to PTSD, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and drug addiction after losing their baby to adoption. We demand that first mothers are made aware through their state governments about the support group Concerned United Birthparents that focuses on the lies, deceit, force, and manipulation that first mothers have endured.  When found a biological mother is often unaware that her anxiety attacks, cold sweats, stomach problems, migraines, nightmares and more are not caused by her adopted out child finding her but by the fact the trauma had been repressed for so long she needs true support and professional therapy with a counsellor who is researched in trauma. The feelings are normal and will subside as the reunion carries on.

7. Currently in fourteen states a convicted rapist can sue for partial custody and visitation rights of his rape conceived children including if the victim was a minor. The abortion industry and adoption industry have said and done nothing to end this barbaric practice. We demand that in no state and no US territory can a rapist sue for custody or visitation rights and must remain away from both mother and child(ren). This will allow women and girls to parent their rape conceived children, as many actually do wish to, instead of looking into abortion or adoption because of the terror of having the rapist in their lives. 75% of women who conceive through the barbaric act of rape keep their babies. For the other 25% we, the petitioners, ask to first look at extended family to take the child in and if they can't (or it's not safe) then only out of family legal guardianship or legally enforced open adoption. Society must understand the child is not to blame for the crime nor is the child a reminder of the crime. This has been explained to me by a mother who conceived her son through rape.

8. Currently when a baby, child, or even teenager is adopted he or she is given an amended birth certificate showing the adoptive parents as having given birth to him or her. This is utterly ridiculous especially in the case of teenagers. We demand the abolishment of amended birth certificates and that any infant, child, or teenager who is adopted keep his or her original birth certificate and the adoptive parents be given a certificate of adoption. Another option is to grant legal guardianship but not adoption of the minor.

9. The adoption industry is less regulated than the real estate industry. It is time to put more regulations on the adoption industry.

10. Closed adoption is still ongoing and it must be deemed abusive. We demand to ban closed adoptions. Closed adoptions are inhumane and against the 14th amendment. Closed adoptees are denied their heritage, original birth certificate, connection to their biological family, biological health history including in life or death situations, and sometimes even genetic testing when pregnant or ill. We demand that the practice of closed adoption cease to exist entirely. Closed adoptions are a federal crime because of the 14th amendment which states "there shall be no privileged group of people amongst a group of people" since some closed adoptees in nine states (Kansas, Oregon, Alabama, Maine, and others) can get their original birth certificate but not closed adoptees in the majority of states, and some even within that state, this practice goes against the 14th amendment. Original birth certificates are not sealed for the privacy of the biological parents as an original birth certificate is not sealed until the adoption is finalized. If a baby is given up for adoption but ends up growing up in foster care he or she keeps his or her original birth certificate making privacy null and void. Original birth certificates were sealed because of the psychopath and child kidnapper, Georgia Tann and the trafficking of babies into the United States from Canada and Ireland. Closed adoptees do not receive their biological medical information not because of doctor patient confidentiality (POA) but solely because they are adopted. Even when a first parent wants to share information often they are not able to because adoption agencies do not have to pass along medical information if they don't want to. Closed adoptees are four times more likely to be suicidal and nearly all suffer from a mental health disorder.

11. Adoption agencies do not have to pass along biological medical information. In the case of biological mother Lorraine Dusky, of New York State, she passed along biological medical information to her daughter's adoptive parents. The agency refused to pass along the health information. The girl developed epilepsy and the child's adoptive parents and pediatrician sent along the fact she had epilepsy to the adoption agency who did not bother to tell Lorraine Dusky. When Lorraine Dusky contacted the agency, feeling something was wrong with her daughter, they responded coldly to her and said nothing about the epilepsy. We must make it a law in every state and US territory that an adoption agency is demanded, by law, to pass along any shared medical information. We also demand a ban on closed adoptions so the biological family, adult adoptee, and adoptive parents (if child is a minor) can talk to each other directly about any medical concerns that arise.

12. In states granting equality for adoptees through original birth certificates has been sometimes denied due to one person. We demand that it cannot be one person who makes the decision to deny equality to tens of thousands of people. However, we do demand the President of the United States be able to create executive orders to better the lives of adoptees as birth certificates are a federal concern. 

13. Currently adoption agencies advertize their business in magazines geared to teenagers, online where teenagers and young women are known to flock, and in schools. We demand this advertizing, online and offline, is immediately put to a stop. 

14. The adoption industry in the United States in past decades was involved in institutionalizing teenage girls and women who were unmarried. There they were abused, handcuffed when given birth, forced to give up their babies for adoption, and not allowed to hold their baby. The babies' fathers often wanted to marry the girl or young woman and were turned away. We demand a formal apology with compensation and immediate knowledge of  the whereabouts of adopted out babies born to any woman who had been in a home for unwed mothers.

15. The adoption industry currently sells itself to infertile couples as the solution to their infertility problems. We ask that the truth be told to infertile couples looking into adoption that the pain of infertility will not be eradicated by adopting a baby and that this baby will grow up to be someone who is entirely different than you because of his or her biology. It's time to allow infertile couples in physical and emotional pain to be given the true grieving and counseling they deserve.

16. Currently an adoption of an infant can cost as much as $40,000 USD. When looking at prices of adoption from the early 1980s even when inflation between 1980 and 2016 is calculated it still does not give reasonable answers as to why the process of adoption has become extremely expensive. We demand a thorough, non-bias investigation into the adoption industry with the investigators not having any ties to adoption (no adopted children, no immediate family members who adopted, not having worked for an adoption industry, not being married to a spouse who is an adoption attorney, etc) to calculate why and how the adoption industry has become a multibillion dollar industry  profiting $12 billion in one year, and to find what should be the more accurate price to adopt whilst changing amended birth certificates to certificates of adoption or legal guardianship. We also demand that money is taken out of the adoption industry. People's salaries must not be tied into how many babies can be given up for adoption. It is time to dismantle the multibillions and make this a completely voluntary based practice, along with pro bono for adoption lawyers. This must become about helping babies and children who truly need to be removed from their house. Australia did so and infant adoptions dropped by 95%. 

 17. Currently international adoption has rose in popularity with some very seedy countries. In fact, according to UNICEF (June 2015) only 13 million of the 100+ million orphans in the world have lost both parents. In many cases the living parent still want to raise his or her child yet these children are being adopted abroad. Children who truly lost both parents, or have one living parent who is completely unable to care for them often have extended family. About 77 million women in China have been forced into abortion and adoption. In African countries, mothers are lied to by international adoption agencies and told their adopted out child will come back to Africa when they are adults with education and money to help their poor village. In some countries poor women are bribed with money to give up their babies for adoption. We demand the United Nations look into these practices before allowing any further international adoption within the United States. Often the adoptive parents are completely unaware of these practices. 

 18. Currently approximately 25,000 adopted children in the United States, most of them born in Asia or Africa, are resold from one adoptive family to another like a dog. What this means is that the adoptive parents, for one reason or another, become tired of raising their adopted child and give him or her away to another adoptive couple. Some of the reasons I have read online were "we realized we weren't cut out to be parents" and "he took up too much time and we want to focus on our careers". A thorough investigation needs to be done on why 25,000 children are being rehomed, how these adoptive parents are even passing inspection to become parents when some of them give up these children after only eight weeks, and the change in society to stop looking at adopting kids as equivalent to adopting a dog. Rehoming is  rife with human trafficking and these children have been prime targets for pedophiles. There are secret groups on the internet where adoptive parents sell their adopted child to another couple without the presence of a lawyer. For rehoming (secondary adoptions) when an attorney is present these too need to be abolished because the adoption agency makes a profit through taxes every time a child is rehomed. Adoption is meant to be permanent, it is not meant to be profitizing foster system. 

19. Adoption industries currently use language such as "birthmother" before the woman has even decided whether or not she wants to parent or "making an adoption plan" instead of saying what adoption really is; giving away your baby to another person. We demand that adoption industries stop using subtle, brainwashing language and stop referring to pregnant women as "birthmothers" and the mother's baby as "the baby" and "adoption plan" instead of the truth that others will be raising her baby.

20. Many Koreans adopted into the United States in the 1950s and 1960s were never granted citizenship, something beyond their control.  Today many Korean born adoptees in the United States have no citizenship and are denied higher education, a job, and the right to marry with some even being deported. The United States has had over fifty years to rectify this racist situation. We demand that Korean born adoptees, and any other foreign born adoptee, be given American citizenship if he or she has not already been granted it.

21. The time frame for when a pregnant woman or mother of a newborn can back out of adoption and raise her baby varies from state to state. The time frame is simply not long enough. Three days, five days, the moment she walks out of the hospital. It's nowhere near enough time. Often adoption agencies and private adopting couples do not tell the pregnant woman or mother of the newborn looking into giving away her baby exactly how long the time is. In other cases, a mother does change her mind and wants to raise her baby but her emails, phone calls, mail, etc go unchecked. We are demanding that in every US state and every US territory a mother has up to eight weeks to change her mind and is made aware very clearly in multiple formats (face to face, phone calls, and emails) from the very beginning after the birth of her baby she has eight weeks to change her mind about adoption. Well regulated time and open communication about time is needed. Manipulative phrases may not be used on any mother or father who backs out with common phrases such as "This couple is depending on you" and "You'll break this couple's heart" and "But you said yourself you're not ready". Manipulative phrases caught through audio recording, email, letter, or text will be prosecuted.

22. Adoption agencies have been caught saying the adoption attorney paid for by the potential adoptive parents or the adoption agency is representing the pregnant mother. A lawyer cannot be paid by someone and have the best interests of another. This deceit tactic must stop. We demand it become a law that in each state and US territory a pregnant girl or pregnant woman, or mother of a newborn, who has found herself inside an adoption agency or talking to an adoption agency online must be told in order to have her best interests in mind she must pay for her own lawyer. 

23. We demand it become a law that any pregnant teenager, pregnant woman, or mother of a newborn who has any communication with an adoption agency and is 100% convinced she cannot raise her baby on her own (after she has been told of help from places like Saving Our Sisters on Facebook and homeless shelters) that it is made law that extended biological family of the maternal and paternal sides of the baby, as long as they have not committed any crimes that would endanger the child, are interviewed before any out of family potential adoptive couples to try and maintain the child's roots. 

24. We demand a full investigation of religious groups that have participated in forced adoptions and to bring to justice any religious person still alive.

25. We demand a full investigation into any person not affliated with a religious group that was involved in forced adoptions and to bring to justice any person still alive. This includes subtle force such as  lying and omitting important information.



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