To get 'Messiah', a Netflix show, banned

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We have always witnessed the media projecting our faith and religion in the worst way possible and have made it almost impossible to stay strong on our beliefs because of such strong accusations coming our way.
From branding our religion as a path to terrorism to forcing the tag of prejudice on us . Our faith has always been falsely accused.
To make things worse,
There are series being made on a topic so sensitive on our faith that has made so mamy of us anxious about the end days .
The new series that are about to be aired on Netflix called "messiah" is all about the end days and the appearance of dajjal,
The false god who claims to be the prophet.
This show in particular is a full and clear representation of the end days as described in hadiths and in the Qur'an itself .
You may say it is a non-issue, it's just a series. But this slow exposure of evil and anti-Islamic propaganda will slowly turn hearts. Muslims are not just the only ones that believe in the Antichrist. This topic is rather sensitive and making a production like this will only have viewers forgetting the fact that this matter is not a joke. 
To all those who are being affected by this,
We can all raise our concerns about it by signing this petition and doing our part on keeping false publicity of our beliefs and faith out of the media spotlight.