Netflix, stop making it culturally acceptable to murder animals. Remove The Women Who Kill

Netflix, stop making it culturally acceptable to murder animals. Remove The Women Who Kill

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Netflix is airing ‘The Women Who Kill’. By airing this programme they are sending out a message to the audience that it is okay to murder animals. Murdering animals is not a sport but murder and this needs to stop. Netflix please remove this content from Netflix. ‘The Women Who Kill’.

These people think it is okay to murder animals but its murderous and delusional. They get away with it because animals are an oppressed species and hunters and poachers etc are driving animals to extinction specially the endangered animals. This is not about conservation and never has been as these sports are the con in conservation. It is thoroughly an ugly hobby that should not be allowed in this era and future era.

This entire sport that is bordering poaching is entirely legal - you just require a licence or permit in this case. The main issue here is the manner in which hunters or in this case Rebecca Francis/Jacine Jadreskoand others behave after they have concluded their challenge, the need to show their kills in a way that is identical to some infamous serial murderers. Is this how we are going to educate our children, showing to them how incompetent, arrogant and mature adults should behave?

There is no dignity in murdering animals and this is being done on a massive scale. We need to send out a message to the current audience and future generation not to participate in this blood sport. IT MUST END. It is not about good or bad ratings its distasteful killing our beautiful animals.

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