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Did you know that up to 7% of all children and up to 8%-10% of all adults who sustain a traumatic injury to a limb or have a simple blood draw will be diagnosed with CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome), a chronic, painful, insidious neurological disease with no cure? Did you know that the pain CRPS patients can suffer is ranked worse than cancer, childbirth and amputation? Did you know that CRPS has the horrific nickname as the "suicide disease?"

Those who live with CRPS every day do...including the mom of Charles Mattocks, the sister of the late Bob Marley.

So imagine what happens when her son, Charles Mattocks, a celebrity chef and an advocate to raise awareness on Type II diabetes, with the help of some amazing people put together a documentary called "Trial by Fire" a film based on CRPS/RSD. Imagine what happens when others join the "TBF movement" and begin promoting this "little" film. Imagine what happens when this documentary gets submitted to film festivals and now, after just appearing at its first festival, it wins two awards. This "TBF movement" grows. And it grows. And it grows.
We have countless people who have CRPS literally begging us to see "Trial by Fire." Their families and friends are begging to see it. Those who have joined the "TBF movement" are begging to see it. But they are also begging for better treatment... earlier diagnosis, compassionate pain management doctors, knowledgable emergency personnel, effective medications, wider medical coverage for infusions, and A CURE!!!! We can't let them down, can we? Dare we?

So how can you help?

We ask you to please SIGN THIS PETITION asking Netflix and/or PBS to AIR "Trial by Fire." Let's educate the WORLD that this disease exists! Let people see that indeed this disease does not discriminate. Rich/poor, young/old, male/female... YOU CAN GET CRPS! We ask you to sign, SHARE on Facebook, share on Twitter, email to your friends and family. We ask that you JOIN our movement on Facebook and Twitter. Movements matter. We matter. Make this happen.

Thank you!


"Trial by Fire" Team

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