Don't Build on Redwood City's Salt Ponds

Don't Build on Redwood City's Salt Ponds

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Redwood City City Council

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Redwood City Council Members,

In light of Cargill and DMB’s renewed efforts to build in the Bay, we urge you to follow Mayor Ian Bain's lead and state publicly that you have no interest in changing the General Plan to allow building on the Cargill salt ponds.

It is wrong to fill in more of San Francisco Bay, destroying one of the last remaining opportunities for restoration of Bay wildlife habitat and flood protection;

It is irresponsible to put housing, commercial office, or retail in an area that:

  • is vulnerable to sea level rise
  • is incompatible with Port industries
  • has limited access from already-gridlocked roads.

It is unacceptable for Cargill/DMB to distract the city from growing responsibly downtown by putting us through another prolonged, divisive and unnecessary land use battle.

We are opposed to developing the Cargill salt ponds because we all know that Redwood City should not be building in the Bay. We need you to take a stand now and commit to keeping this area as Open Space for the benefit of Redwood City residents and the Bay.

7,147 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!