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REDUCE YOUR CARBON IMPRINT : Sign the petition for less polluting cars ! (European Union ONLY)

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"Certain manufacturers put vehicles on the market that are less polluting and less greedy for petrol than others. However, globally these efforts remain markedly insufficient. More and more cars on the roads mean:

- We continue to contribute to pollution, to Carbon dioxide emissions and therefore to global warming.
- We’re burning holes in our pockets: the more cars consume, the more they cost us!

Did you know that MEPs are discussing a law that could make all of the cars on the market emit on average 25% less of CO2 by 2012 but that the industry lobby is fiercely resisting this?

If you want to be able to buy cars that are more economical, or you are concerned about climate change then pressurise your MEPs to adopt a law for the reduction of CO2 emissions that is truly effective.


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