Reduce water waste and pollution dumping in the Great Lakes

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The Michigan Great Lakes account for 20% of the world's total freshwater supply. In addition, altogether the five lakes - Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior- make up the largest body of freshwater in the world. As important as the Great Lakes are to the state of Michigan, many citizens are still unfamiliar with the mass amounts of pollution that are dumped into the Great Lakes and the excessive amounts of fresh water from the Great Lakes that are wasted every day. These problems lead to even greater issues such as eutrophication, low water levels, acid rain, and the loss of plant, animal, and even human life. 

My plan is to raise awareness of this issue. Every day, pollution and hazardous wastes are dumped into the freshwater bodies of the Great Lakes and many people do not know the negative effects it has on plants, animals, and even us humans. Drinking polluted or dirty water can lead to health issues such as bacterial infections, tumor growth, and even death in all kinds of organisms. In order to fix this problem, stronger legislation needs to be created to protect our Great Lakes. In addition to stronger legislation, more citizens need to be aware. If citizens are more aware of the side effects of consuming polluted water, less pollution dumping will take place and more activism will take place. Also, government agencies, such as the EPA, need to protect bodies of fresh water MORE in order to prevent future dumping and waste. If you are tired of seeing our GREAT Lakes being mistreated and native animals to Michigan dying, sign this petition to make a change!


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