Parents can pay for Teachers Salary and Private Schools Need and Not for their Greed.

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The Pandemic has caused a financial slow down Globally, including India, all Business, Industry and Individuals from every strata of Society have been affected, some less, some more, then how can Private Schools be immune and not be affected, they must also take a Cut in fees. 

The Government must exercise all their powers and order a Commensurate Reduction of Tuition Fees and must Enforce Compliance by Private Schools.

Parents can pay for the legitimate Actual Salaries, provided it reaches the staff, but an average 25% of Teaching and Non Teaching Staff have been terminated (data available) and the remaining staff are paid an average 50% Salary (data available) or even lesser based on the number of hours online class conducted by them, which amounts to a Salary Expenditure of merely 37.5% or even lesser. Pay Teachers and Support staff full salary, even then (mind you) it is an average of 75% salary expenditure.

Apart from the reduced salary expenditure there has to be a Substantial cut in the provision for additional amount for the Expenditure of the School, i.e. 30% in 2018-19 + 15% increase provided in computing the Tuition Fees for 2019-20, comparatively in 2020-21 the Actual cost of recurring expenditure has been reduced Substantially to a minimum in the absence of operation cost of equipment, lifts, lights, sound systems, Power Generator, Water Pumps, e.t.c. resulting in reduced cost of Electricity, Fuel, Water, Housekeeping supplies, routine Maintenance and Service, etc. and only Actual Statutory Expenditure is involved. Also a zero provision for contingency and miscellaneous expenditure, e.t.c. and No Surplus.

"Term fee" levied at 10% on Tuition fee for extracurricular activities and other Unlawful fee heads must not be collected or in the name of Sports, Cultural activities, School Magazine, library, lab, Transport, e.t.c. in the absence of such activities as Schools are closed and do not entail such expenditure.

"Special Development Fees" capped at Rs2500 must also not be collected too.

Schools must stop coercing Parents for Unlawful Fees and Stop deactivating Online classes for children, which were allowed by the High Court of Karnataka to protect the Child's Fundamental Right to Education and not to fill the coffers of the Schools. Request the Government to Protect the Fundamental Right of the Children and not allow it to be trampled.

We have enrolled our Children in a Classroom learning program and not an Online Course, there is no provision for online Elementary Education in the RTE Act 2009 or the Karnataka RTE Rules 2012, or the Karnataka Education Act 1983 or the Karnataka Education Rules of 1995 & 1999, therefore it is Unlawful, at best a Stop Gap measure. Do we pay the full fee for a Stop Gap measure?

Schools must stop being a Mafia and be the Charitable organisations they are meant to be, to support the states Endeavour to achieve an educated society.

They must not burn the candle from both ends, i.e. Teachers and Parents, to keep their Schools shining Bright.

Parents are committed to pay only the Tuition Fee as has been Approved by the Education Department and not to the fancy of School Managements. 

The move to open Schools is purely seen as an attempt to favour the private school managements' lobby to collect the fee, attending School cannot be Compulsory and Online Option must Continue and Reopening Schools must be put off till it is safe for Children.