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Reduce the number of signs used in ACT elections

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During ACT Legislative Assembly elections, the use of ‘core-flute’ and other such Electoral Advertising Signs (Movable Signs) promoting candidates and parties has become problematic. The signs:

  • are used in excessive quantities;
  • are a wasteful use of resources;
  • detract from the amenity and value of public spaces;
  • are an eyesore for the citizens of the ACT;
  • potentially cause a danger to safety along roadsides due to the large numbers in use and associated driver distraction;
  • trigger anti-social behavior and vandalism toward them from members of the public as well as from rival election candidates and party members/supporters. We should instead be encouraging respectful, fair, professional and amicable competition between community members during elections;
  • create disparities and inequality between marketing, awareness and promotion of candidates due to the cost of sign production as well as differences in financial resources of candidates and parties. The larger the candidate/party election marketing budget, the more signs they can afford – this is resulting in a ‘signage arms-race’, reducing ability for all members of the community to participate equally in elections;
  • are suggestive of ‘abuse-of-position’, ‘entitlement-mentality’ and ‘opportunity-disparity’ since election signs have the most flexible and least-restrictive provisions in the ACT Movable Signs code of practice. It appears that members of the legislative assembly and election candidates could be treating themselves as a privileged group above all others in the community by having such entitlements in the code of practice;


Your petitioners therefore request the ACT Legislative Assembly to:

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